Hello glorious family at witchschool!

Something's caught my attention, and frankly when that happens I can't stop until I figure it out.


I'm looking for exercises and/or spells to help me see my spirit friends. I sense them, I can feel their subtle touch from time to time, but I want to SEE them.

Just a footnote, I ordered a course on astral travel, is that related to opening the 3rd eye?

Brightest Blessings,


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I believe that astral travel and opening your third eye are to completely different things. That being said, CH has examples of exercises with your spirits if you're interested. One meditation I do is I open all of chakras every morning and every night. You can do one at at time if you feel inclined. To strengthen you third eye simply imagine a flower that's the same color (violet) as your 3rd eye form a bud and then open outwards. Then, imagine a ray of bright, pure white light flowing into your chakra energizing it and strengthening it. Do this every night before you go to bed, and every morning after breakfast. Also, keep in mind that when you open all chakras that each should be approximately the same size and width because you do not want irregularities to occur. (You know..having one being bigger than the other, or two being closed and the other open). And also, to keep it balanced imagine a bridge that connects all the chakras together. Hope that helps. :D

Hey thanks, that helps me a lot ;P Do you imagine the white light going out of each chakra like that? You wouldn't happen to have the links to CH for meditating with spirits would you? That place is so big I can't find anything, well except for the encyclopedia.

Just askin,


Yes, I envision the light going through each and every one of my chakras. :p
Here's the links: http://www.creepyhollows.com/faq/index.php?action=artikel&cat=1...

Lady Skydancer,
Rafe knows what he's doing....he's a spirit adopter. Which means two things: he knows how to deal with spirits and he does not conjure them. And their are other links on the site that express how to get rid of spirits that are unwelcome. Also, spirits/entities aren't like humans..with proper training anyone can do it. Sensationalism is a hard thing to kill; if you conjure something that doesn't want to be contacted it will simply ignore you. It won't scream, yell, or throw you around the room. They are not humans (except in the case of ACTUAL human spirits) they are beings who were born into higher realms--the astral and spiritual realms. So while they may have feelings they're far more developed than ours. Like I said, with the proper training any one can do it...it also requires alot of respect for the beings you conjure. Although I do agree that Rafe needs to work on his energy first. XD If you would like more information then see this site:

You're most welcome...I'd figured I would link to the FAQs as you can explore the site as opposed to me just directing you to specific things. :) It's actually not that bad...at first I was skeptical as well...but these people have a good reputation and their site is very good.

Hey Ravyn thx for the info!

Energy work.

I'm working on it. Had my chakras tested today... the aura distance is definitely increasing for each chakra. I'm at least 2-3 foot out for each chakra... well except for my 3rd eye and my crown... guess no samhedi states in this lifetime ;P

My hand and feet chakras (push/pull) (or meridian endpoints for some) are wide open. I think becoming a Reiki Master did that, well plus I have it in 3 modalities. I can channel stellar energy through my crown... guess it doesn't have to be fully open to allow divine energy in. Easy peasy for my feet to draw in earth energy, though.

I meditate twice a day... have been for about 2 years... but I have to get to a meditative state now by plowing through some medicine which makes it MUCH harder.

P.S. First manifestation of familiar spirit! I'll upload pic. Wolfprints! Also, I learned adopted spirits LOVE Reiki. It's like spirit crack cocaine only no harmful after effects.

Know how to tell if a spirit is good? Take it to church and take communion after annointing with Holy Water. All 12 of mine passed.

Wanna have a powerful Esbat? Have your spirits partake in your ritual within the circle. Talk about raising a cone of power...

Lol What nice sentiments! :D Unfortunately, I either Rafe or myself are UNDERQUALIFIED to teach a class such this. Who knows...maybe one day I will. ;) And I agree, I think WSI can greatly benefit from a course on spirits. Too many times I run into people that put in their foot in their mouth (though not you Rev. Lady Skydancer) about spirits. I mean..how can you judge something you know little about? How can make your mind about a subject without first researching the subject? Too many people dismiss spirits as 'dangerous' and something not to be played with. Hopefully we can change that perspective. :) Good day to you Rev!

Well for the record, I'm sorry.

I am very sensitive and can be a real hothead... a horrid combination. That's why I deleted it. I don't want to start any trouble.

You can't imagine how many times I've heard the same thing as you originally posted.

I'm not experienced enough to teach a class I'm just a novice.

However I have 12 spirits who are just beginning to bond with me, and I believe it's going to be quite an education. I've had vocal and dream manifestations... 3 or 4 vocal and many dreams. The dreams are either them pranking me, (My first dream at all was all of them in one dream... and they pranked me good... all in good fun, but I told them If ever I figure out how to get them back they are toast :P) or some crazy occult teaching dream I can't even begin to understand or describe other than speaking in words I don't know and dealing with sacred geometry I've never seen... however I do feel they are lessons of some sort.

I've had different spirits enter my dreams for different reasons. One "saved" me in a dream when I was drowning, and went on to explain lovingly that all I had to do was let go... I was drowning myself by my own fear of letting go and that's what he did... took my hands and pulled me away from what I was grabbing onto.

And sometimes they just go into my dreams to "hang out". I think it's interesting to them. Like astral plane HBO. I never recognize them until after I wake up. But after I wake up it's obvious which spirit it was. I don't understand why I don't recognize them in my dreams until I awaken, unless that just comes with time.

I have a well rounded "spirit family" from an Egyptian Watcher, to a Fae, to a pair of Wolves. I call to them one by one each night, and tell each of them I love them by name and that I appreciate them being a part of my family. They also are always free to go wherever they want to go, whenever they want to go, but I have found that, LOL, everyone is there when I go to bed because they like to hear that I love and appreciate them.

The wolf footprints on my carpet I posted is the only physical manifestation to date. They don't like to be paraded though so I'm sure things like that will be rare. Funny thing is my daughter found them. I think my daughter was a witch in a past life, because if I'm studying something, I tell no one. But she draws and colors the scene 3 hours away, and then shows me when I have them for visitation. Blows my mind every time.

That little girl is going to have lightning at her fingertips I believe.

RH, INHA... I'm a registered healer with the international natural healer's association, that's all it means. I'm close to a bachelor's in spiritual healing and a certificate in holistic health... it was a requirement.

My plans are to follow up my ordination (not correllian) with seminary courses leaning towards a "unifaith" healing ministry approach to wellness and healing of soul. You might say my first stop in "unifaith" is Correllian wicca ;P

Thanks for asking by the way.

Brightest blessings,





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