I have been asked today - if I had six months to live - what would I do? The simple answer is I will travel around the world until my money runs out or I die... but I have commitments as in my cats and my few material possessions... have you got any idea - it does not have to be a mind blowing hug me kiss me tribute - just some ideas... build a castle, buy a village, go to the moon... start a charity, study something new... you get me?

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Actually, I am going to do exactly as you say. I decided to travel around meeting Witch School students and people, and having something of a self exploration.

Well their is a very slight possibility of the World ending soon anyway,if true glad I got out early.

But on a more serious note the World does come to an end every day,when we or someone else dies.
Choosing to remember a loved one,friend or anyone else will keep them alive in our hearts.

However,even if you know your time is very short,death still takes you quickly and often by surprise!

It leaves those that knew you in pain and turmoil often with life long heart ace,so I would continue as I am and try to prepare them for my final retirement.

Great reply...

I'm like MoonJoy ~ I wouldn't do anything any differently than I do now. I already have letters written to my loved ones for delivery after my death, which i update periodically, so nothing really would change for me. I've done a lot of things in my lifetime, and I have no regrets about things I haven't done but at one time wished to do, like mountain climbing or hang gliding - LOL! I'm too old and arthritic to do those things now anyway! LOL!! The time comes round for all of us to transition onwards, so we can return for the next go-round of learning and loving and living.

This is a difficult question because there are many things we would like to do, travel the world, buy a house, swim with dolphins... But what it boils down to would be the essentials, spend time with our family, friends and animals. If anything perhaps I would take to take a trip to some wonderful country like Brazil.


nothing different, except watch the sunset every night and the moon rise. Enjoy my family. And for godsake get fat, i have always admired woman who still feel secure being overweight and happy. They are my heroes.

Amen on that fat bit ....

Very interesting question. I would make amends and right all the wrongs I have done. Then, I would strengthen my spiritual connection and be in Nature more. I would sell the car and almost all of my possessions and bike everywhere. It would be pointless to workout more since I would be departing in 6 months, so I would give away my gym equipment. I would spend more time with family and friends.

old thread ... and the wheels go round and round ... next!




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