I am in the middle of writing a book of shadows just for wiccan kids between the approximate ages of 6-10. I want it to cover most topics of wiccan thought in an easy format. I am going to probably be posting individual sections for your opinions and ideas later on, but for now i want to ask your opinions on my proposed chapters. I want it to be a LONG book, that kids work through with the help of a parent, When i finish it in full i may provide it in totality to the public in PDF with fun illustrations, and maybe even crosswords and coloring book pages!

So what do you think? Should I add chapters, delete any? I love any feedback, keep in mind that this is geared towards elementary level kids...

“Little Witch Starter Book of Shadows”
A grimiore for wiccan kids ages 5-10
By Megan Conklin


A Note to Parents, Raising Kids in the Craft
What is Magic?
Super Spellwriting
A sweet and simple wish spell
History Mystery, How Wicca came to be
Thread to the Past Spell
The Goddess and God
Mother Nature Spell
Hunting For Treasure Spell
Symbols… more than pretty pictures
Abracadabra Amulet!
“Eyes, fingers, knees and toes;” about chakras
Body Blessing
The Magic of Colors
Rainbow Spell
Green Thumbs, Discovering Herbs
Magical Macaroni Spell
It’s Elemental! Learning the Elements.
Tea Party with the Elements
The Moon
Mystical Moon Spell
The Sun
Bottle of Sunshine Spell
The Wheel of the Year Goes Round & Round
Celebrating Sabbats; Eight Great Dates!
Your Awesome Altar!
Transforming Tools
Magical Cleaning, the art of “cleansing”
Big, Beautiful, Bubble; How to cast a circle
Ready, set… Ritual! (about Rituals and creating them)
Meditating Me! (how to meditate, and what it is for)
Mirror Mirror on the Wall; about scrying
Make a magic mirror!
Your Big Book of Magic, making a new book of shadows
Lifelong Learning, the Secret to a Magical Life
Extras: Special Spells
Extras: Crafty Crafts
Extras: Rockin’ Rituals

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Thanks Elise, I may not do the scrying section. Really apprectiate your advice. I may just creat a series of books, that might be a really good idea!
i agree i know at sixteen i still dont wanna touch a book over 500 pgs so this looks like it will be long i think a series is a great ideabut publish them close together i know personally i cant stand waiting for my next book to come out and my brothers are 12 and he doesnt like books over .....70 ish pages so
oh this is great! if i was a kid i would want to read it!
i love the chapter “Eyes, fingers, knees and toes;” that is great!

i can just see all these kids getting into wicca because of this book, definetly a great idea for a book!
i also agree with elise that a long book might be a little scary cause i know when i was younger i didnt even get close to books that were super long :D
so yea maybe make your book into a few smaller books.
thanks I was one of those weird kids that read 500 page novels when i was in 3rd grade, so I wasn't thinking so much about how daunting it may be. It is geared towards kids to work through with an adult's help, but I may just make a small series of books, which should make it less intimidating. I really want to make a book that presents the information so kids really get involved... instead of just "watching mom"...

Thank you so much for your advice evinthear!

fell free to laugh at me but i would wana get this for my self since im new well to everything n would like to know afew things (baby steps baby steps) =d but im not sure kids would be so interested in reading it all on one big book (if they even wana read anything)so yeah i agree with the breaking it down to smaller books
hahaha,i'm totally with you on that, i would get it for myself as well. i'm new as well lol and i think it would be a great way to learn things in a simpler way.
lol... common theme here! Maybe I will make one big book for the grown ups and a few little ones for the kids! hahaha.... everyone like coloring with crayons???

thanks so much karla!
what I great idea and everything sounds awesome so far you could add the wiccan rede in it maybe a easier version of it
Great Idea... I read this post and put in a page right away all about the wiccan rede and the law of return (threefold law). I am very ethics based, and I think that it is crucial that kids understand the rede! Thank you so much! great idea, Boudica!

Blessed Be
Being new to the Craft myself and having a special needs child who is also interested, I can make a few suggestions. In the meditation section, provide different forms of meditation such as a walking meditation or a drawing meditation. A walk through nature would be great, looking at the trees and making them your friends. Also, not only include a simplified version of the Rede; but also a simplified version of The Charge of the Goddess. And, of course, no BOS would be complete without some chants.
Good Ideas Millicent! I think that art is a very therapeutic form of meditation, and i will keep these in mind when I work on that section! I may add the charg of the goddess, I will have to reread it a few times and try to put it down in kid-friendly language. What an awesome suggestion. I am going to include some chants in my spells, but do you think i should add and extras sextion just for chants? Maybe "Charming Chants"

Thank you!
Well, since chants seem to be my thing, I would say yes to the section. I've noticed that there appears to be gap in this area. Not many chants are actually published. And, most are easy enough for children. I especially like the idea of a nature walk for meditation, finding the life in trees and looking for the Fae hiding in the shadows at twilight.

This is going to be great! I can't wait to see it.

Brightest Blessings,





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