ABC - News Report Blames Witchcraft for Animal Abuse

Here is a link to an article posted by the ABC news in Tampa Florida:


Great responds from Ralph one of the members of Witchschool on his blog:

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OOOOOOOH this infuriates me! How long ago was this? Is there a date to this news report, because if so, and if it is not long ago, I am going to contact this so-called expert and give her a damn good piece of my mind! It is people like this, claiming to be experts, saying that Witches would do something like this, that causes all of the fear, hatred,misconception, and ridiculing of our faith and its followers! NOT impressed! Angrily: Thodwen
That was on Wednesday Thodwen, this Wednesday in the city I currently call home! Bad reporting all around - I am furious about this as well, on many levels, first of all about what was done to those animals. Secondly because their expert is an expert not of Witchcraft but an expert in Caribbean Religions, so the term Witch as it is used here is not the same thought behind what she considers a Witch - but as reporters from the US it is their responsibility to make the distinction between those two. The lay person watching or reading this article will think of people like me, who is an open Witch in this community then they here that word, now people like me will be looked upon as animal killers. Irresponsible reporting all the way around.
...Witches would do soemthing like this. Wiccan witches tend to be incredibly nice, but there are all sorts of witches out there. They are people, some have had shitty lives and feel the need to harm others because of it.
Sacrificing on a level like this seems to be much more uncommon in modern society. Certain tribes that have not caught up will still do this as common practice, but something like this sounds more to me like someone with issues that go beyond mentioning any type of witch. Either a couple of kids (or one) that see this is as funny (oh, their out there!), or someone who just snapped and vented all their quite obvious rage on innocence for a sense of power, pleasure and release.

The fact that this is assumed to be pointed directly at witchcraft first, rather than seen as a simple human disgrace, is well.....a disgrace. It goes to show how ignorant people still are.

Brightest Blessings.
If by modern society you mean the first world contries, i agree. But such are the exception. Animal sacrifice is widely practiced. I can guarantee you there are more withces that would sacrifice animals than thouse who wouldn't.

I do think the animals were left by a random sociopath.
u have got to be kidding me. not only do they insult Wicca but they insult Voodoo as well. So basically they just pissed off a bunch of peeps. and plus when they said not religious but much darker i was like HUHHHH? damn it, we are a religion legally are u kidding me? Somebody should DO something. ugh, may the Goddess blast them into a thousand pieces.
witchcraft =/= Wicca
excuse which is it ? one says one thing , while the other says another , which animals were used ? thanks
Alright guys, here's what I sent her (I was a bit nicer than I could have been) tell me what you think!

Hello Doctor Mitchell! Can I first say that as I look at your achievements in life and your knowledge, I am very proud to share the same species and planet as you!

Now, I recently watched a news article regarding decapitated animals in various parts of your town. I looked at the crime with utmost disgust and a bad taste in my mouth! I found it terrible!

However. There came another part of the article which also...angered me. When you said that this was "Witchcraft, yes...". Doctor Mitchell, I am a Witch. Can I first tell you that for centuries, us Witches have been condemned, feared, hated, ignored, unfairly treated, killed, and today: wrongly accused.

I'm not sure what kind of Witchcraft you're familiar with, but let me just tell you that a Witch would NEVER in a million years do what this case involves!!! We have one rule: " 'An it harm none, do what you will." This includes animals, plantlife, trees, and even inanimate objects, and ourselves. So tell me then, why would we do something like this? There's a simple answer: we wouldn't. There is in NO form of Witchcraft and/or Wicca, ANY ritual which involves the killing of ANYTHING! We are a very peaceful people trying our hardest to emerge from centuries of condemnation, fear, and hatred, but when people (especially those claiming to be religious experts) say that Witches are responsible for something like this, it pushes us back a hundred years. We are already held in dim view, but are slowly starting to become accepted into mainstream religion, but I'm sorry, what you said, could have destroyed a lot of what many of my people have spent their lives trying to rid the world of. We have no "dark rituals", nor do we kill. Heck, most of us are Vegetarian!

I just really hope that in reading this, you will in the future think: who does what I'm about to say really apply to?

I also want you to know: My intent in this was not at all to offend you, and I am truly sorry if I did. Haha, maybe try reading this again and imagine me speaking with a pleasant tone rather than yelling or arrogant, as the former was how this letter was intended to be read.

Please know that I think you are a remarkable person, and I don't think I could ever accomplish what you have! I just think maybe you confused belief systems!

May you Blessed Be!

I hope the same - I have left several comments with links with the ABC news channel, and with their youtube channel, and have not received any responds. I am hoping against all hope that they will retract and explain themselves. They should have done their own research from various sources before allowing a so called expert make statements like that.
Your letter is fabulous, and hopefully this woman and/or the channel think things through a little more before pulling the ole witchcraft card, though, it does seem to be pretty thrilling for such people.....the wide eyed, almost choking on their fear type of deal, lol.

In regards to setting us back, so long as we allow them to do that, it will happen. But so far, I have seen immense amounts of strength from pagans/wiccans/heathens/witch's alike to bring this forward. The Gov't, for the most part (which is certainly better than no part!), recognizes Wicca as a faith now, where as, is about 5 years ago? There was no mention of it at all and when it was brought up, it was shunned.

From ten years ago, we've made great leaps with acceptance, and no matter what, there will always be your bigots, "experts", persecuters, etc. etc. to attempt to dampen our spirit. So long as we don't let it, we will be fine. One day it may be more widely accepted that all Gods are One, and we won't be looked at as evil anymore. I'm very much an optimist, lol!

Brightest Blessings




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