Is any one else having problems? I came on here and shared my beliefs, some agreed, but others told me i wasnt a true pagan. I know how to handle it in real life but what do you do on the internet? I guess its just them but i dont want to be stupid and not change if thats what i need to do...

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I'm new to this site and haven't seen any of your other posts, so for what it's worth...

How dare anyone tell you what you are or are not, when it comes to YOUR spirituality. Learn, study, discuss and practice what you believe to be right. Maybe occasionally try something you wouldn't normally think is correct for YOU but we often grow by pushing beyond our comfort thresholds. Plus it can be interesting to learn about something new, even if you chose not to make it part of your spiritual practice.

Do what you think is correct for you based on topics you chose to study, opinions of people you respect and your own experience.

Don't listen to internet trolls who have nothing better to do then put other people down.

Completely 100% agree with this....If they can't accept who you are what you are and how you want to live your spiritual...forget them and find someone else who will....

many blessings
In our first degree studies, we learned that there are many paths to diety, and there is no one size all path. here is the closest there is for most of us. Just remember the facetts of the diamond.
why would you need to change? everyone does not have the exact same belief systems... I chose this school because it suits me best, i also have degrees in other pagan/wiccan societies... I do not agree with everything that I have been taught, but, you listen to it, go through all the things you have been taught and decide what is best for you. no one has the right to say you are not"pagan". maybe you should ask for a mentor, to talk things through and help better
you ingore them.
You dont need to change...I believe there is no such thing as a true pagan. If you have the heart of a pagan than your a pagan simple. This path is suppose to be judge free at least thats what i thought. I didnt just choose this path because ads were pretty...I choose it because the amount of choose and judgement free.So i think your perfectly fine. No need to change :)
)O( blessed be
I think that they are the ones who are not "true pagans." You are intitled to your beliefs and you should stand up for them. As it is in your rights to do so. Now if your belifs grow out-dated, then and only then, you will need to change them. I have had a few brushes with people like that, the best advice is to try and ignore it and not take it personally. Because of free will, people are going to act ugly on the internet, but there are some that don't.
Love and Light,
Dear Morgan, Everyone will have their own opinions. I run into this A LOT! I don't personally know anyone else involved in this aspect of my life that I can talk to. Everone else that I try to talk to about it either tells me I'm being ridiculous or they just change the subject because they are not willing or able to have a conversation about anything related. AND THEN, on top of all the critisism from people who are not wiccan/pegean/etc., I get the same from a few people I have met that are. I feel if it is important to me, these other people's opinions don't really matter or make a big impact on how I FEEL about it, It only impacts to who and when I will voice my opinions. I am a solitary person because I actually have not found anyone yet that is ready to accept me for who I am and what I believe. I am new to THIS site however, so maybe that will change. My point is...Don't worry about these other opinions. You will run into a lot of critisism throughout the rest of your life. You will just have to decide how you are going to react to it.
As Jai said. The term "Pagan" was a label given by the new roman christians to those who lived in the country and followed their own spiritual paths rather than converting to christianity which had become popular in the cities. Many times, no two households believed the same thing. There are many people here that don't agree with my views at times, but I respect their opinions. I am here to learn like everyone else. I began my studies here, not because I didn't already have my own beliefs set up, but that I wanted to blend them with something solid. I found this was the right place for me. As you can see from these two pages of comments, we support you.
Morgan, we ll have our own beliefs. Dont listen to people when they say you arent something. Because they believe in something different. Go believe what you are believing... let no one tell you that you are a true pagan. If you are true to what you believe in than you are a true pagan or what ever your belief is.
I can't imagine anyone telling you that you aren't a "true" Pagan..just what is that? I have "classfied" myself as an Eclectic my entire life since I never quite found one "Tradition" or another that truly expressed what I felt...there was always something just off.....but there's nothing wrong with that! The CNT is the closest I have found to my beliefs and have recently embraced that much so that I am now on the path to Clergy within the Tradition after over 25 years of being a Solitary. But, that is the beauty of our religion darling.....we feel it from the heart. If it doesn't feel right, than to you, its not. That doesn't mean to me that same holds true. Believe in yourself....and believe in your inner self. She will NEVER steer you wrong.
Blessings always,
There is no need to change your path spiritually because someone thinks theres is better
there is no true definition of a true pagan or a true witch
it is our own selfs who make the definition
Dont listen to them
if anything, they are the ones who need work




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