Is any one else having problems? I came on here and shared my beliefs, some agreed, but others told me i wasnt a true pagan. I know how to handle it in real life but what do you do on the internet? I guess its just them but i dont want to be stupid and not change if thats what i need to do...

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I'm not sure who told you that you were not a "true pagan".
I don't believe there is such a thing, because there is not definition.
We all share our own beliefs and follow our own spiritual path.
There is not in any way one true path because we are not a book religion and that is why
we have so many Electics.

So don't believe them, sweet heart.
You are who you are and they should respect you for it.
I sure do.
thank you Muirin :D i respect you too :D
Morgan ignore those people... There is no such thing as a "true" pagan. From the chats I've seen, I didn't see one thing you were doing wrong at all. You are a very nice person, just ignore what they say and stick to your beliefs. Listen though if they say something you agree with, not what they say is "absolutely right", because in Wicca, there are so many different view points and there is no absolutely anything ;]
Only I am a true Pagan!

I'm not sure that anyone on this site or any other has the grounds for determining a true Pagan. I'm sure many of our ancestors would look at us in wonder and ask us why we are so foreign to them and their ways, thus questioning our existence as Pagans. I would not worry in the least over it. If you can connect to Spirit and you're happy, go for it. That's all that matters.
When someone gives you "feedback", it always tells you as much or more about them than it says about you. You learned something - but not about yourself. The rest of these replies say it all.
Hmmm. Like any group which is made up of people, you have the critics, the judgemental, the self righteous, the sanctimonious. I became pagan mainly to get away from these kind of people, to find my roots as well. Intolerance is the hallmark of mankind, that's why I believe in being a practising solitary, connecting with the Goddess Universal power on my own, in my own way, in my own time. Paganism allows me to do this.
I wish you well on your journey, whatever direction it my take. LIsten to the wind: it is your guide! May a thousand blessings follow each footstep!
If all else fails, summon an army of Jotnar led by Thor and crush your enemies!

Just ask Conan what is best in life. Ha!

Many blessings dear,
I am really new to this and the way I see it is that every person has their own beleifs. Your beliefs may work for you and not for others. If they work for you, then does it matter what others think.

It seems to me you will find people who in every group feel a superiority to others and can only feel fulfilled by telling others they are wrong. Your beliefs are not wrong, they are like feelings, they just are.

We were chatting about this last night, about how different people can follow different paths and still be a pagan (or whatever they call themselves). Because you choose your beliefs and what you do is the path, no matter how much it might differ from someone else's. There is no wrong way.


i know how you feel and people don't always see eye to eye thats why some may say you are not "true" pagan, but know this as long as you know who you are, know matter what anybody else tells you, that is what you are. To be true to yourself that is all that matters in this world.

Blessed be
People tell me the same thing because I share a lot of the Unitarian Universalist beliefs. I don't worry about it. The wonderful thing about paganism is that you can customize it to fit your beliefs. Whomever accused you of that needs to question their own beliefs and whether they are a true pagan, because a true pagan (IMO) has dealt with enough persecution in their life to know better than to spread it around. We need to break down the barriers and present a united front or we will never ever be accepted by the world as a true and acceptable religion.

I have several bumper stickers from a site called One of those is 'practice acceptance' and another is 'coexist'. There are several others, but you get the point. Even my icon is from that site. Anyhow because of that, when I saw your title, I had to respond.
Ignore the stupid ones. They're everywhere even here. And you do what you believe is right for you. If your belief system works for you then that is the only thing that matters. No one has the right to tell you you're wrong.




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