I couldn't help but notice , alot of the people involved in this school is alot younger than me , do ya know if there happens to be a area /group/or classes for older ppl? or is it that we are all just doin it together? I'm 40 and I'd like a class if possible by and for older adults. I'm not a young lady nor a teen and it seems that most of the study groups are done by very much younger people. No offence to any one , i just feel i guess I would feel better with a older group to talk with and a older wiser teacher..

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Hi, Pamela! I understand where you're coming from, I think. I have sometimes felt that a given teacher/group leader really isn't teaching me what she intends to or thinks she is. There is an understanding of Life that only comes with the living of it - the loves and losses. It can be hard to take seriously someone who has no kids, for instance, who is telling one how to raise happy, fully functional adults. Theory is one thing, but the DOING is another entirely! That said, there are also some folks my own age who strike me that way too - LOL!!
Personally, I don't do the study groups, as too much of the discussion seems to focus around the areas of interpreting and understanding the lessons in the context of people with far less life experience. Comments I make often seem to go right over their heads, as they have no relevant references from their own experiences.
It's not that they aren't coming up with surprising new insights at times - that's one of the things I enjoy about groups, no matter what the age mixes are! I learn from everyone I interact with. I do think that it's easier sometimes for a formal study group to be age/level focused though, just to ease the interactions with the commonality of experience level. It's said that age shouldn't matter, but there are times and subjects where it does. Some things can't be understood without living them.

One thing I suspect you may be unconsciously doing though, is equating age with wisdom - "older, wiser teacher". It's not always the case, even here. Some of these young twenty-somethings have been studying and practicing longer than many of us older folks, and have some very insightful things to share with us. I think that's why the classes and groups are not age-graded. We ARE all in this together, and in some things, age has no relevance. It takes some doing to learn to look past the outward appearance and mannerisms and find the Soul shining within, but it is a liberating of the Spirit to do so, and Share with others. Being around the young keeps me aware that I am eternally young inside, where it really counts!

Pam most of the first degree people are good folks ... if you pick or are given one you dont like you can always change ... rarely will there be hard feelings ... keep in mind that most of the mentors accept certain age groups because they get along with those people the best ... usually you will have a mixed bag of students of different ages but again this will broaden the views you get on the lessons ... just because someone is younger doesnt mean they dont have something to teach or wont see something in a way you would never have seen ... all I am suggesting is take a breath and try working with others even if they arent of the age group you are normally comfortable with .. this may help you connect with others in different areas like work or home or college ... lol .. just got my first degree not too long ago so just keep learning and remember others will most likely see things way differently than you do so learn love enjoy interact ... blessed be ... rob

Oh I am not complaining by any means . I really like my mentor he is geat. I enjoy watching rev. don's vidios of the lesson by lesson , it's just I'm not too hip with the study group but am trying and being positive. Not down on any one at all. Would like some people my age to talk to is all I guess is what I'm wanting . Blessed BE

LOL!! that's easy - just keep coming here!! That's one of the reasons I come to the forum. If you don't see anything interesting, then start a discussion~~

This is very true you can also add some of us as friends and send us messages or find/ stalk us on yahoo or skype .. lol .. we are out here just let us know you have a question or want to talk!!


LOL...just had to send you a note since you are one of those "younger people," to me! I'm 53. If you have a question or just want to talk to an "older" witch, send a note to my inbox. I can't promise to know everything, but if I don't know the answer, I might know who to ask. There are many people over the age of 40 who practice. We're just not (usually) the ones hanging out in the chat room. Blessed Be!

MM, Thank you for your reply , could you add me as a friend? Blessed Be

Any one that wants to , feel free to add me as a friend, I also go to , a friend of mine is trying to get that site off the ground... also .. my yahoo instant mesenger is and I am always on facebook ~ Blessed Be




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