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I am a 15 year old wiccan. I have been practicing the Craft for about 3-4 years now. I have a difficult question. I recently "came out of the broom closet" to my friends. They were all very accepting. One friend actually said she's been practicing for a few years now. One day we were talking and we came upon religion. I realized after talking to her about her beliefs for a few hours that she not only knows nothing about Pagan beliefs but she also has an incorrect view of the religion. She has gotten into the religion for the pure basis of being a witch. I know she has gotten into this religion for the wrong reasons. I however don't know what to do, or think. She has even accused me on more then one occasion of hexing her while I was actually praying. I just wanted some opinions.
Thank you and blessed be,

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LOL!! THAT would make them REALLY wonder!! LOLOLOL!!

You can't do anything about what others believe about religion other than just express your views on religion. Paganism isn't about preaching Paganism to people. Paganism is your personal religious journey.
If your friend accuses you of hexing her, be very clear with her and tell her that you didn't hex her. If she doesn't believe you, you'll need to reconsider your friendship. She'll accuse you of much more later and it will get too annoying.
I'd like to hear your views on Wicca. What is Wicca and what are your religious beliefs?

So you been practicing since you were 11 .. Im just not buying .. nice try MP

I think that it isn't inconceivable that the originator of the post started practicing at 11. 11 is when I started to earn money mowing lawns and I was already scoping out the New Age section of the local malls looking for spells. I wasn't an actual practitioner till much later but yeah, I was interested early.

call me old school John .. I have a eleven year old grand .. in fact watched 13 of them, as they matured, and believe me when I tell you, this matter was far from their minds, as it is most adults today . if you wish to buy into this thats fine , as for the rest, comic books, love stories , newest fashion, baseball, video games, school, crowds , I dont think so.

Depends on how the children are raised mostly, if they are mature for their age or independent, And i respectfully disagree, when my daughter was in junior high school and brought her friends home, they would ask if i was wiccan (from various things around the house) so yes they do know and have heard of what wicca is.

And when i was growing up i can remember being very interested at a very early age, mostly because a very large part of my family is physic--and when you grow up around people like that it is just no big deal.

i raised my children different, if you treat a child like an immature kid, they will act accordingly--if you treat them with respect and as an individual instead of grouping them in with everybody, and give them decisions and responsibility you will have a much more independent and mature adult.

So if someone says that they started reading at 11 well i have no reason not to believe them.
P.S. i started reading reader's digest and family home journal at 8, my mom would leave them in the john so i had to have something to do in there LOL!

lol, got ya .

Sorry, I have been having difficulty logging in as of late. I was raised pagan and started calling my religion pagan since I was 11. I am sorry if that confused you.

Thank you everyone. I have been having difficulty logging in so I haven't been able to thank you all fully for your response. I take all of your opinions into account and use them to help me grow. Thank you so much for replying!

one,after doing this for some thirty five years,i can only tell you from past experience to at least try to steer her gently in another direction.if shes gotten some sort of hollywood idea in her head,she will only dig herself in deeper and it may just be safer for both of you if you distance yourself for a time until whatever she has done is done with her,if you understand.i will no doubt draw criticism for this response,but when you have someone who is bound and determined to just be something they dont understand because they can,they do have to take the consequences that go with that action.unfortunately for her it may not have a good turnout.for your safety,i think,as i said before,you need to take a wide path around this person for awhile,if nothing else,for self protection.if you need to vent,talk,etc i am here reach me through email or yell at me on this post,i can handle being yelled at,people do it all the time.




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