Merry meet;

I have only been apart of this site for a few weeks and i just want to say ya'll are so considerate and nice :) thank you for everything and feel free to add me and messgae me for anything I can do for you :) Also I would like some advice, I am a dianic solitary pagan and Im having trouble picking a theme for my altar. any suggestions? I will take any ideas you have, and will greatly appreciate it :)

Blessed be.

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Greetings. My altar is modern minimalist.
Hi Pagan,

With Mabon coming, ever thought about making one themed to the season?

You can get inspiration from many of the creative altars here at WSI!


Start with a "focus point", be it a peice of artwork, a season or sabbat, a specific goddess, or a color scheme and build around it! My altar changes each sabbat, and for special rituals as well...

Blessed Be!
I personally did mine by sight. I started with my focal point a incence burner i really liked and connected to that has angels on it. I then added my candles and began to look for holders i connected to. i traipse thru good wills, yard sales, flea markets, wherever and just get what catches my eye. I continued this over a period of months (and still buy things here and there). In the end I now have two altars, one permanant one and one that is movable. I have fairies, angels, cat's eye yarn thing one of my kids made, rocks and crystals, even a rosary type piece. there is a cauldron, stick incence holder, candle snuffer ect. in the end my perm one is more woods and brass than anything where as my movable one has many pieces i alternate out pending mood and what strikes me as proper to use for wahtever ritual i am doing..

so I suggest you begin by walking around dollar stores, good wills ect till something jumps out at you. or if you already have a piece you really connect to and feel lost without use it to start and find things that go with it..




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