Hey there all! I am a dedicant of Thoth, Egyptian God of Writing, language and creation through such modes, and, well, I'm one of those weirdies who spends his free time learning different languages. It's been a huge passion of mine for the past few years, and I was just wondering if there was anyone else here who knows two or more languages! Under my own belt I've got English (obviously), Latin, Japanese, Spanish, and Irish Gaelic, I invite you to share your culture! I know for a fact we have at least a few spanish speakers out there!
BTW if anyone would like to learn or have help learning those aforelisted languages, I'm more than willing! (No I'm not going to charge anything I just like to spread knowledge and culture!)

Blessed Be! )O(

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Well, thank you! I appreciate it. Funny thing is, it has been proven that the younger someone is, the easier it is to learn a new language as their brain is less "solidified" in it's way of thinking, in fact they say around the age of 14 is when language learning SUDDENLY becomes exponentially harder, which I definitely noticed three years ago, and they didn't lie about suddenly! BUT, even still, about 65% of people who speak two or more languages, learned the newer ones after the age of twenty!
Discere linguam aliam, acquirere aliam animam est!

How are you Thodwen it has been a while, I am learning Spanish very slowly. I used to work in Construction and Spanish was the Dominant language. There was a girl I was seeing who was Spanish speaking as well.
I have forgotten much of it but I will jump back into it soon enough.

I am wandering if you could Recommend a good resource online for Gealic.

I am a Member of "Ar nDraiocht Fein" (ADF) as well as Being with the Correllian Nativist Tradition and would love to occasionally incorporate more Gaelic into a ritual.
I have some guidelines with the tradition but I was wandering if you new of a really good on online.

I would attempt to search for these things myself but Delegating homework to others is more fun haha!

I am determined to be multi-lingual I just have to make the time.< As we Druids say "Biodh Se Amlaidh"

Well, Gaelic was taught to me by my Dad and Grandparents, however that's not to say I never tried to improve on it after (parents divorced), and I can assure you that if you wanted any kind of a half decent lesson, you would have to pay for some course. There was ONE free one that I found wasn't too bad, but the 150 lessons I found pretty much did nothing but go over the same grammar that it taught in the first few, over and over and over again with different scenarios (better to learn the grammar, then a vocabulary, not opposite), and had a few spelling mistakes, a couple word gender mix-ups, and I'm pretty sure one major grammatical error, but nonetheless, it was more in depth than ANY of the other things I can remember online: erinsweb.com Ta suil agam go bfhaighidh ceann a bhfuil nios fearr! (I hope you one thats better!)

In that case I will just have to bother you often haha!

Thanks for responding.

I used to think it was hopeless for me to try to learn a new language (I somehow un-learned a lot of the Spanish I knew in middle school), but then I scored a 123 on the DLAB (not amazing but pretty damn good) and decided I'd teach myself Mandarin Chinese, and after that Welsh and Hindi, possibly Japanese too. I'd love to learn Irish Gaelic too though!

I love new cultures and NEW LANGUAGES - sadly I can only speak 2 fluent (English and Afrikaans) understand and communicate very slowly in German and Dutch but not enough to call it fluent.

Every time I travel to another country I learn to say hello, thank you and good bye in their language... and whilst there I try to pick up as much as my brain will keep. I also make an effort to be-friend people with different backgrounds to be able to learn new languages... so if you have the energy to teach an old brain some Spanish I would be delighted... as right now I can only say "hola como estas gracias"

Well, that settles it I'll start a group! I'll teach whatever languages requested given I know it, which by the way I forgot to include that I know esperanto VERY fluently (stupidly easy), and if I don't know a language, I'll learn it! I'll call the group, "Lingua est Sancta".

Hi, well we can speak English and Dutch fluently, also write both of them, besides that we have a moderate fluency in Spanish and German which we can also write. But we're never done learning. There are so many languages we would still like to learn, among which Portugese and Gaelic.

Blessings from two fellow babblers,
Willow & Aella

Well, as you'll see in my above reply, I'm about to start a group, and it will be called "Lingua est sancta". Please do join if you wish!

please invite me




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