I was curious to see how people in our communities feel about articles of faith. Does anyone wear any special clothing, jewelry, etc. as an act of devotion? My ex-boyfriend loved the idea of earning rings - he had an elaborate system of rings of various metals, stones, etc. that represented mastery of a particular aspect of the Craft. A ring for divination, a ring for mediumship, etc. Each finger and each hand had a meaning, as well as the metals and stones of the rings.

Personally I wear a jade ring on my wedding finger to represent my devotion to the Earth Mother (stone) and the green color represents my devotion to the Sea Father. Someday I hope to replace the ring with a wedding ring at which time I'll put it on another finger. LOL.

What are some of your articles of faith?

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I prefer not to carry anything related to a magical working because i have to take it off for the magical working in the first place, because most often it would be made of metal. I don't find that particular irony amusing. It would merely work as an artificial show-off, and i'm supposed to be discreet.

To each his own I suppose. That's another reason for the jade ring - natural materials. And discretion is a personal choice, in Wicca we're not required to hide who we are. That particular argument is problematic for me as a gay man, as I've been accused of "showing off" or "flaunting" my sexuality at times just be being myself. Thanks for the comments.

While there is no requirement, discresion is part of the 'to keep silent' as in to know to dare to will to keep silent. Its an old old tradition. Part of the idea is that when you dont keep silent you loose part of your power or attract psychic vampire who know who you are but you dont know who they are. So I agrre DT we should me discreet.

I was supposed to keep silent OH no!! I have a talk show! I think it may be too late for me good luck Drakill haha!!

LMAO!! Sparrow, it's about as much a lost cause for me to keep silent as you!! But i have no good excuse - i just have a big mouth!!

I grew up in a family of 5 kids and my mom ran a daycare center so Being shy was not really an option haha!

Know what you mean - I'm the oldest of seven... Shyness is NOT optional - the meek do not prosper in that type of setting - LOL!!

I'm the oldest of four and somehow my meekness landed me at the bottom of the family pecking order. I know exactly what you mean.

Oh yes - LOL! 'Raising' children is the process of teaching them to subordinate their desires to reason - otherwise only the strongest would physically survive at all!! LOL!! We are all born exquisitely self-centered!!

Yup. Put some cookies in front of us and suddenly, we're a pack of hyenas.

ROTFLMSAO!!! You betcha!! Even when you have a pack of drunk adults that happens!!

then it's even worse!




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