I was curious to see how people in our communities feel about articles of faith. Does anyone wear any special clothing, jewelry, etc. as an act of devotion? My ex-boyfriend loved the idea of earning rings - he had an elaborate system of rings of various metals, stones, etc. that represented mastery of a particular aspect of the Craft. A ring for divination, a ring for mediumship, etc. Each finger and each hand had a meaning, as well as the metals and stones of the rings.

Personally I wear a jade ring on my wedding finger to represent my devotion to the Earth Mother (stone) and the green color represents my devotion to the Sea Father. Someday I hope to replace the ring with a wedding ring at which time I'll put it on another finger. LOL.

What are some of your articles of faith?

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I wear certain rings for thier stones properties, mainly amethyst, I don't think they would come across to anyone as flaunting my faith as many people wear rings lol.  Sometimes I wear them on specific fingers as I agree each finger and hand represents different things.  From memory (it's been awhile so I could have them wrong), pointer finger is Jupiter, middle Saturn, ring finger Venus and little finger is Mercury. 

I love to wear jewelery, but only jewelery of a mystical or religious nature. I don't go over-the-top with it, but I certainly don't try to hide it either. That being said, sometimes I have to put up with whatever unintended attention that it might attract. I don't care though; "to thine own self be true".

I myself where a pentacle charm on a silver necklace. It has always been a symbol of protection for me. Its not very big at all and has a stone at each point of he pentagram to represent the elements. Many people know my beliefs and I do not try to hide them at all.

I also wear a bracelet with 5 different stones to help promote balance, good health and keep negativity away. Thats about it aside from my wedding ring lol.


I seem to have touched a nerve with this discussion. I hadn't intended it to be a discussion of whether Pagans should be discreet or not. Personally I think that is up to the individual but I don't believe in hiding who I am. If people notice my pentagram and want to ask me a question I'll answer it. Mostly what I get is "are you jewish?" LOL. I have had some bad experiences of course due to people being closed-minded and ignorant. One time a coworker asked me if I was Wiccan and I said yes. A few days later another coworker told me he had told everyone at work I was a witch and would put spells on them if they pissed me off. A-hole! But that was all about him and his karma, not me or mine.

I get the "Are you Jewish" all the time too lolol. Didn't touch a nerve for me my brother...I just tend to babble at times ROFL!!!


No bro, I was talking about some of the other replies. You're fine.

Lol I find it an iterating conversation.  Personal I try not to draw attention to myself in any way too much simply because I have 7 children who love to talk to everyone about everything, they get me more than enough attention.   Sometimes I do feel a bit isolated though, being in a small town and not knowing anyone with similar beliefs. Just last week I was at my partners work (a pub), I didn't seem to have anything in common with the patrons there when I noticed an older gentleman wearing a pentagram so I went and sat next to him. After hours of talking I now have a fellow Wiccan friend in my area.

Oh, where to begin...

Right now, because I've got a toddler, I don't wear much jewelry at all, but for the times that I need to, I have both a lineage seal and a coven seal. Post-initiation, I didn't take the lineage seal off ever....it is such a part of me. It is useful when I'm going to a "pan-pagan" type of event because it identifies the line I'm with. When I'm going something inter-/intra-trad (but within known circles), I'll also wear the coven seal so people know exactly where in the line I'm from.

For ritual acts of devotion, I have my robe, cingulum, and athame that are part of my being in circle. There are times when I wear my witch's rosary as well, although I'm not as connected to that as to other tools. Recently, as part of our personal practice, my husband and I came up with something similar to the ring idea mentioned in the original post, although ours are beads on a "life cord" that are used for meditative purposes and also the telling of one's life story.

Great topic!

I have a crystal pendulm necklace i stopped wearing it when my bibies were smaller but now that they are a little bigger i have begun to wear it again. Most people at work just think it is a play on my name. i smile and change the conversation. the few who do know i am pagan really dont ask much either they just accept me for who i am.

To me it is Important that Magick is not something that happens only in my Altar room.

So for this reason I usually were 3 (good number) of the many necklaces that Hang over my altar. they are in affect part of the Altar.

One Is the Pentacle (under my shirt while at work) and whatever ones speak to me that day can make up the other 2.

I as well were Dedication knots, Knot Spells Withces Ladder etc.. .

When I do a knot spell I do this with the intention of Wearing it so that it is a reminder.
I have done it the other way though of releasing on knot a day for nine days.

I almost always wear a pentacle on a leather thong - I have several different ones of different materials which I wear for different reasons. As I like jewelry, I also have earrings and other necklaces and bracelets. I also have several different robes, which I only generally wear for serious major Rituals, such as celebrating the Quarters and Cross-quarters. The people who know me all know I am Wiccan, and as I really don't care what others think, I wear what I want, when I want.

Being a long-time student of comparative religions, I am better armed verbally than most if someone wants to get into a 'discussion' of my 'hell-bound' status - LOL!! I most generally know their Bible FAR better than they do, and I have had no problems with any other religious folks' views. I don't look for trouble, and it rarely finds me, but I don't back off from it, either~

That said, I try to keep a low profile, as I've been told I unthinkingly project nastiness very strongly at people who annoy me... One of the nice things about being a strong Empath, i think - LOL! People don't threaten me - they kind of lose their train of thought and just go away.

I wear a sterling silver pentagram ring and a sterling silver pentagram with amethyst in the center on cord around my neck. No one seems to mind though it wouldn't matter because I'm expressing my devotion, once in a while I get "blessed be". Right on!




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