Big Lifetime Membership Perk Coming: Your Own Online School

Hi everyone,

This is the very first notice official, all Witch School Lifetime Members on 1-2-2012, will be able to open there own online school for up to 300 members. They can be part of the Witch School family, or they can be anything they want (certain restrictions of course).

So my question, what would you like to have control over in your school, and what would you like Witch School to manage.


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love the idea - this will be interesting to explore the possibilities of that - looking forward to hearing more about it

ditto the comment by Claudia.. no ideas myself yet, but will keep up to date on this

Is it going to be a Moodle/Joomla-style of code, something designed to be more Ning-based, or is it going to be more like the code WSI runs on?

Loving this idea :-) I have used Moodle and Joomla both, great CMS's. Will be following this as I am very interested in opening an online school once.


some of the things for us to control would be a posting area for the school, like a mini comment area. Being able to import or copy over some of the classes would be good, as some of us would use the area for our degree courses. I know I have a few suggestions I would like to see students take while they do their first degree courses if I am ever approved to mentor. And thanks Ed!!

Joomla is a Content Management System (CMS) that is used to build websites. Has an admin area where extra functionality can be added i.e. Articles, Polls, Forums etc. Separates the content from the presentation, very powerful, I use it on my website. Moodle is very similar but its main focus is for e-learning. I used it in the past and loved it. Can be a little complicated but well worth learning. Many online schools use it.

Hope this helps.


You are very welcome :-). It is a job, but I have found it very easy with my site. Love working with them both!

I would assume the idea behind this is to get other pagan groups involved in WS. So they wouldn't have to have the same syllabus as WS, nor would they have to be Correllian Clergy as again I assume it is to attract more pagan groups to utilize the site. The cost to set it up and run it would be part of the lifetime membership fee. They would have to be minimally responsible to WS for content such as foul language, badgering others and nudity but other than that I would assume all other things would be fine. All in all a great idea but again some of the same questions I had like can I import the first degree course to my page and such.




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