OK, thanks for reading to begin with.

Here I am posting a message from a former brother in Christ. Moreover, an old friend who I dearly love. Someone who drank, eat and played music with me. Someone who became a Christian and went to church with me. I guess that my leaving Christianity to be openly Pagan didn't set well with his fundamentalist theology. This was after a short exchange where I specifically asked him to NOT pray for me, and NOT to ask for prayer for me from his church.

"I understand the ways of the wiccan...all in all, it's glorifying God through the very nature that He has created, if I remember that right....but know this, I will NOT cease to pray for you...I know the truth and am free because of that...I understand your lack of zeal for the majority of professing Christians, for I too have come to know that quite a few are hypocrites, but hey who isn't...but to let people come between you and God just seems absurd...and I know you will probably say that there is no separation between you and God...but I know that without Christ, and choosing to follow Him you are very far from God...considering, if I remember correctly, there is a pagan goddess that the wiccans observe....this puts a BIG barrier between you and the living God, because He gives His glory to no other, nor does He deal kindly with idolatry...don't get me wrong I am not trying to put you down, I am simply trying to admonish you as a brother and friend...the path you have chosen for yourself has eternal consequences, and you are not only making this choice for yourself, but as God has appointed you as head of your household, you have made this choice for your family as well...and we as fathers are under a much higher scrutiny because of our role in the household....God is black and white, He would not make many paths to Him, He is very clear on His choice for salvation, which is the blood of Christ...He paid the fare, but whether or not we accept the ticket is on us...love you man"
I do NOT want these energy workings from the Christian community. I have seen with my own eyes the power that comes from a group of people who focus their intent on me to be "under conviction". I take it as an attack. I am shielding and have a dear witch friend helping me with this. I also ask that all here might offer a prayer to whatever deity they are devoted to for my shielding as well.

Sigh! It seems I have lost a friend . . . for now.

BB, and Thanks!

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Perhaps not Larry, no offense, He seems to genuinely care about you. Take his energy and use it to get closer to Universal Deity. There is no right or wrong path to Universal Deity. Everyone has their own path to follow, filled with rocks and pot holes and hills and valleys. I personally did not choose the god and goddess on my altar, they choose me. And you may want to explain to your friend that his God would if he truly cared about people most definitely make more than one path to obtain salvation as he puts it. At this point you can begin to admonish him for HIS Idolatry, after all how many crosses and crucifixes does he have in his house?? no matter how you look at it those are IDOLS. Then perhaps ask him to a full moon ritual with you, set it all up with the "christian" mythos. Use the archangels for the pillars call on Jesus and Mary Magdeline as the god and goddess. Then after that have a serious discussion with him about what exactly semantics are and how they apply in the world of religion and help him to understand that 90% of the religions we know of in the world are actually all saying the same things just using different words. Saints are ancestors, Angels are gods and goddesses, his God is our Universal Deity etc. This is an opportunity for you to teach not loose a friend. Tell him if he is a real friend he will actually listen with an open heart and mind and LEARN, as you have that if God really loves you he will give you every opportunity and path to reach him that is possible not make it a game where you had to have a certain number of check marks in the correct order to be "eligible" to possibly get into heaven. Try to show him EXACTLY why you don't care for Christianity.

Hope this helps and BB


Thank you, Rob. I missed your reply when I was replying to Phoenix.

My friend believes that human beings are sinful, messed up, and all are Hellbound without the blood of Jesus. He is extremely zealous, and afraid of anything other than what he knows. Hell is really what he is afraid of, and that fear will keep him from attending any sort of ritual, even if I use your recomeneded substitutions. Nope, I have lost him and many other friends because of what they believe.

However, it seems that the idea of using the prayer energy to draw me closer to Deity keeps returning. I actually considered this before anyone suggested it, and that tells me I am hearing from Spirit.

I, like you, was chosen by my God and Goddess, not the other way around. Isn't it wonderful to know that?

Thank you, Rob. You are a blessing :)

Larry, I'm sorry for the current loss of your closeness with your friend. But I don't think you need to worry about shielding and protection unless he and HIS Christian friends are praying for actual harm or damnation for you. They may be, and probably are, (from the tone of your post), praying for your return to Christ, but they obviously don't realize that you have transcended - that is, gone 'above', or past, their simplistic view of Divinity.
Christians in general seem to be ignorant of theology, I've noticed. They also tend to either not know or to ignore the fact that DEEP INTENT is (perhaps) the primary factor moving the words of prayers into actions on this plane. Ultimately, the intent of their prayers are for you to attain Union with Deity. That may well come to pass in a way that they have no understanding of, with a Face and Name of Divinity that they have not yet seen or acknowledged.
If you choose to use it as such, the energy raised by their prayers for you may well be of assistance in deepening and enhancing your own relationship with Whomever your Personal Deity is. That is, after all, the intent of their prayers for you~~

Thanks Phoenix. I have actually wondered if there was some way to use that energy.

"they obviously don't realize that you have transcended - that is, gone 'above', or past, their simplistic view of Divinity."

There ya go, making sense again LOL. It just really hurts to be talked to this way. The message started off sounding a bit like my buddy, but as it went on he started sounding more like a parrot. The "God does not take kindly to idolatry" thing, as well as demonizing any of Deity's femininity are so familiar. Misogyny was my first clue, years ago, that something was limited and very messed up about this (Christian) religion.

BTW, before I met my wife she belonged to a very "cultish" church who were following the pastor's words to the letter. He broke up marriages, interpreted dreams for people in a way to get what he wanted (sometimes sex from people who weren't married to him), and was nothing short of an evil control-freak. I consider this man to be a powerful sorcerer and saw first-hand the power he had over people. This was not too different from the church my friennd attends.

Thank you for your reply, Phoenix.

Yes, I saw the Fundamentalism in your friend's words to you. You are the head of the household, and therefor are 'responsible' for the faith and beliefs of the rest - "Fundamental' couldn't be stated any more clearly!
I too have Christian friends and family who pray for my 'return to the fold' - I simply thank them, and tell them that "Prayer is always a good thing". You can keep the lines of communication open with your friend by doing this - for one thing I have discovered about Fundamentalists is that their fervor often doesn't last throughout the rest of their lives. By leaving the door open to your friend, you may come in time to have an even deeper friendship with him.
When he makes a reference to the 'evil' of the Goddess again, or about women's second-class status in general, ask him if God is, indeed, Omnipotent, Omniscient, and all of those other things~ Cite to him the verse "... God created Man in His own image - male and female created He them..." Gen 1, v27. Then ask him if God did, indeed, create man in his image, did He not also create woman in His image? If so, then God is Mother, as well as Father - Goddess as well as God~~
Ask him also to explain the differences between the Creation Story in Gen 1, and the Garden of Eden Story in Gen 2. There are some very deep, inherent conflicts that make only ONE of the stories capable of being true, most notably the order of Creation of Man and animals. In Gen 1, animals are created first, and in Gen 2, Man is created first~~
Keep the lines of communication open, if you wish to someday revive your friendship~~

You know it is only the christians who are so judgemental and controlling of everyone including their own friends.

I most certainly without a doubt believe there was a Jesus Christ, what i do not believe in is christianity.

It truely is none of your friends business who you pray and worship, a true friend would not even have a problem with any of this, whether you were buddhist or muslim. I have said this before, religion is between you and God, not between you and everyone else. You do not need his validation, or consent, or his remarks about your manhood.

Tell him to back off on this, and mind his own household, you have yours covered. And sending energy to someone who didnt ask for it is an attack, they are sending it with the intent to control you and make you see their ways. Shields up buddy. Blessed be.

Oddly enough, the friends I have managed to continue being friends with are also devoted followers of Christ. They are also among the leadership at the church (Baptist) I used to attend. Among them are a Pastor, a recovery group leader, and an adult Sunday school teacher. My friend Rick is convinced that since I am Native American, Paganism as a way to Divinity is simply in my blood LOL.

My friend who wrote this is a relatively young Christian (about 3 years now). He is a very studious lay person, not clergy. I in no way have any anger toward him, quite the contrary . . . I am now praying for him to have understanding. My friend, who is a much more advanced Witch than I, gave me a very "sweet" spell to help me keep my friend.

Thank you, Rachael!

You know its funny Larry when I was stationed in Belgium there was a marriage retreat I went on with my spouse at the time. One of the things there was a walking path in the shape of a pagan or celtic cross, an equal armed cross in a circle. The monks in charge of the monastery wanted to speak to me after they found out that I had stated what they considered a profound truth about that pathway that no one else even the pastors that had been there several times had gotten. and that was there are many ways to the Divine. Alas we had to leave before the monks and I could talk very much. I did however leave with two flats of beer from their brewery free. To say they were surprised and amazed at my simple vision is an understatement.

Perhaps have a talk with him and the pastor you have remained friends with. Maybe the pastor will help express that there is more than one path to the divine.



That was a great anecdote, Rob. Thanks for that!

OK, to summarize: More spiritually advanced Christians seem to understand this truth: that there is more than one path to the Divine. Perhaps another way to state this is that we are all actually one the SAME JOURNEY, and that all of these paths could, therefore, actually be considered interconnected. Two people who start off on this journey could be likened to two people who want to meet in New York City, yet do not live near each other. Neither will take the same route because they have different points of origin (my friend was raised in a Protestant home in Chicago, I was a displaced Cherokee who was raised and taught by Cherokee women). As I told my friend in the recovery ministry, my situation had me walking the same road as them when my vehicle (That would be my "Earthly" self) needed to do so. (The church's recovery ministry presented Jesus as a helper and forgiver, someone who would forgive the wrongs I had committed against others while addicted to drugs and alcohol; Someone who could help me put my life back together . . . and he DID.) Jesus is a permanent and very important part of my "Pantheon", but life is more than just walking around asking for forgiveness all of the time. If the healing is complete there is no need to return to the Doctor unless I have gotten "sick" again LOL.

If my friend stays on his path we will meet up again someday. I have no doubt, just like I have no doubt that my friend is genuinely concerned about me. What he has said was out of love, but he has ceased to reason and think for himself and so is using the language that he hears at church. Once again, I am not angry at him.

Its just that 2,000 years is a long time to be waiting for Jesus' return, because to me it already occurred a little less than 2,000 years ago when his spirit began to be with believers. My people began accepting Christianity in the 17th century CE. However, to them it was ANOTHER beautiful way to U-ne-tlv-nv-hi (Creator). Cherokees also saw all of their Deities as alternately masculine and feminine.

Maybe not my pastor friend, but one of the others might be able to talk to him. This is a great idea and he will at least respect that I have come to him through the church, which by the way, I still participate with on an "Outer Court" basis. (Food Pantry, etc . . . )

BB, and thanks again.

I like your imagery, Larry! The 'different Paths to the same goal' isn't new, but the idea of different VEHICLES is very nice! I hadn't seen that before, and it struck me as being very apt~

I like to think that everything happens for a reason. Even if a bad situation persists, you will still be the stronger for it. Take heart and stay positive.

Thanks, Michael. Soound advice if I ever heard it.




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