OK, thanks for reading to begin with.

Here I am posting a message from a former brother in Christ. Moreover, an old friend who I dearly love. Someone who drank, eat and played music with me. Someone who became a Christian and went to church with me. I guess that my leaving Christianity to be openly Pagan didn't set well with his fundamentalist theology. This was after a short exchange where I specifically asked him to NOT pray for me, and NOT to ask for prayer for me from his church.

"I understand the ways of the wiccan...all in all, it's glorifying God through the very nature that He has created, if I remember that right....but know this, I will NOT cease to pray for you...I know the truth and am free because of that...I understand your lack of zeal for the majority of professing Christians, for I too have come to know that quite a few are hypocrites, but hey who isn't...but to let people come between you and God just seems absurd...and I know you will probably say that there is no separation between you and God...but I know that without Christ, and choosing to follow Him you are very far from God...considering, if I remember correctly, there is a pagan goddess that the wiccans observe....this puts a BIG barrier between you and the living God, because He gives His glory to no other, nor does He deal kindly with idolatry...don't get me wrong I am not trying to put you down, I am simply trying to admonish you as a brother and friend...the path you have chosen for yourself has eternal consequences, and you are not only making this choice for yourself, but as God has appointed you as head of your household, you have made this choice for your family as well...and we as fathers are under a much higher scrutiny because of our role in the household....God is black and white, He would not make many paths to Him, He is very clear on His choice for salvation, which is the blood of Christ...He paid the fare, but whether or not we accept the ticket is on us...love you man"
I do NOT want these energy workings from the Christian community. I have seen with my own eyes the power that comes from a group of people who focus their intent on me to be "under conviction". I take it as an attack. I am shielding and have a dear witch friend helping me with this. I also ask that all here might offer a prayer to whatever deity they are devoted to for my shielding as well.

Sigh! It seems I have lost a friend . . . for now.

BB, and Thanks!

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Thanks to the 4 who replied. I was, at first, hesitant to post about this on this forum, seeing it is so public. However, I am convinced that it wasd the right thing to do. There was wisdom in every reply, and I am better prepared to deal with this.

Anyone who has ever had a family member being prayed for in the way that I am now, can tell you that they get noticibly irratable. I think that a feeling of not being somehow in the right place is the best way to describe it. They will also pray for hardship, if that is what they feel it would take to "return me to the fold". All I can say is "No, thank you. I have enough problems as it is." But I feel now that it is possible to channel this energy into something good, and that is just what me and my "Evil" Goddess are going to do.

Love, Light, and Beauty to all of you.

Just remember you can choose weather something will afect you or not. His prayers may be constant and full of energy, but you know way better than him how to give them direction. Use that knowledge to turn the prayer into something positive for you, and you'll have a friend constantly doing you a favour because he wishes the best of you.

This is More about how you feel about your Friends Opinion or Judgement value of you than it is about harm from Prayer energy.
You feel as if you lost a close friend That is the harmful part.
That is the emotion involved.

Unless they are engaged in a Dark Harmful prayer I think you are ok.

What you are feeling is the stress of your local community or Group or Ex-group.
This is an Empathic sensability, you are feeling their Pain and yours. Perhaps you are an Empath, just a thought.

Or just Human haha!
That being said Sheilding is always a good idea.

"Or just Human"
I sure wish that we lived closer to each other, Sparrow. I bet we'd have a blast. Let me know when you have a high-paying job ready for a guitarist, Bud. ;)

I wouldn't take it that far Larry. I grew up christian from a babe. What he doesn't understand is that the universe isn't black and white. And Proverbs 8 it'self mentions the Goddess I believe, then there's the Goddess Ashera, which was known as God's wife, who was taken out of the temples back in either 1st or 2nd Kings.

God is tired of being a single parent, and the argument the Goddess blocks his glory is wrong on two fronts: one, God doesn't NEED anything from us. And two, the Holy Spirit herself was insinuated in the old testament as being FEMALE, or the divine female. Soooooo, if you worship the Holy Spirit, or Jesus, does that leave God out?

This person is simply ignorant and different in their theology and in their relation to the Godhead. Heck, the roman centurian who asked a healing for his servant was praised by Christ himself... and Christ marveled at his faith, and said this man would dine in Heaven, while many who heaven belonged to would not. That man left a pagan, Larry.

Anyway I hope this helps.

Brightest Blessings,


Good call, Rafe! Your last sentence, "That man left a pagan...", is very true! To be and remain a Centurion, he would have been sacrificing to the Emperor's Genius and honoring the State Religion of Rome, as well as following his personal religion. Obviously Jesus condoned this, according to what He is reported as saying to the man~~ An awful lot of Jesus' ministry has been misinterpreted, I feel.
Paul's personal misogyny and the social misogyny of the time in Rome was carried into the Church, for instance. The use of his letters to individual churches to solve specific problems becoming doctrine is appalling!!
Jesus obviously had no problem with women learning equally with men, when one studies His ministry~

He probably means well... but if he cannot abide by your wishes, then I have to say that he's not a very good friend. Perhaps you should point this out to him.




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