Someone in another discussion mentioned that they would love to see a class on building your own tools.

I have a fair bit of skill in alot of different building mediums so i think i could actually tackle building a class like this.

I could use a hand thinking up tools that people would like to learn how to build. Any suggestions?

Tools That I can think of.


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I have made my own Besom, wood covered Book of Shadows, and medicine bags (both beaded and leather).

I would like to learn how to make other tools as well. Perhaps a scrying mirror, censer, tarot bag, and pagan prayer beads.
I would be interested in knowing how you did a wood covered book myself. Ill look into how to do that other stuff never tried a few of them but i have a general ideal on how to do it.

so mind letting me know how you did that book sometime? thanks. ill keep you update on the class progress.

To create a wood covered book:
• 2 pieces ½” pine cut at 12” tall by 10” wide
• 2 pieces ½” pine cut at 12” tall by 1.5” - 2” wide
• 4 miniature hinges
• 3 screw posts (hardware store, hollow post with threading inside and a screw that fits inside - both pieces have a flat end)
• Sheet protectors
• Piece of leather for binding cover if desired
• Measure location for holes by placing a sheet protector over the narrow pieces of wood, centered top to bottom and the edge of the “pocket” should be at the edge of the narrow wood strip so the pages turn and you can see all the way to the edge.
• Sand all of the wood (round the edges).
• Lay a narrow piece of wood next to one of the larger pieces and fit two hinges in place; do the same for the other two pieces of wood. Make sure to do the second set backwards so the hinges are on the outside of the book.
• Decorate the cover of the book (I used a wood burning tool and then painted the symbols and runes.)
• If using the leather, cut a strip to fit the thickness of your book plus enough to secure the piece of leather to the posts. (It needs to overlap the post position by ¼” or more.) Punch 3 holes in each side of the leather strip in line with the post positions.
• Place the cover of the book upside down, insert the post from underneath (so it’s sticking up out of the cover binding strip), insert leather strip if desired, place sheet protectors on posts, place the other side of the leather strip over the posts again if desired, place back cover on posts and secure with screws.
• Fill your book with whatever you desire.

Also, the Besom I made was started from a small piece of a White Ash branch which I carved a face into. I attached a piece of leather strapping to the top in a loop secured with a screw to have somewhere to hang the Besom from. I used long pine needles (the kind you use for coiling baskets) and rosemary branches for the Besom itself. After securing the bundle of pine needles and rosemary branches to the end of the branch piece with hot glue, I wrapped leather strapping tightly around it. I wrapped another color of leather strapping in a decorative pattern over the tight wrap and left some pieces dangling down over the pine needles. I then attached a few beads and bells to the dangling leather straps.

Hope the class takes off, I'd love to learn other ways to make tools! Please keep me updated.
Thanks for your demo. Mind if we use that in the class? Love the work. Going to have to try that sometime.
I don't mind at all if you use that in the class. I love creating my own tools as I feel you can put more of your own energies into it. Please let me know when the class is available.

I can easily see how this can be made and be very useful. It is especially appropriate for groups to combine their efforts to create for the group itself.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea.


For a scrying mirror, I use a Black Absolute granite tile, cut to 6" X 6". I used a grinding tip for my rotary tool and carefully carved symbols at the corners.

A tarot bag is a simple sewing project...

As for the prayer beads, I use a knotting technique that creates barrel knots of two different sizes. I am attaching a picture of the ones I make and sell (along with appropriate prayers). I am adding a 1/2" pentacle to the ends and will upload photos of those in a few weeks (after my supplies arrive).


hmmm, I added some ideas too, yours are in there too. It would be great for several craftspeople to collaborate in teaching a class. Especially if the class have several lessons and projects to work through. And a class group to join where people can talk about and show their creations! I would certainly take that class. I would start the course with a review of what each lesson will basically cover and a list of supplies needed for each lesson as well as a estimated cost for supplies and a few online stores to purchase them. Lesson one could review altar tools in general and their purpose and uses, and then each following lesson could move on to more in depth information about each tool, the historical origins, and one or several projects you can do to create the tools yourself. The conclusion could review the previous chapters and give suggestions for other projects! This class could be SO exciting! Great Idea!

what about:

Runes; clay, wood, stone, bone
Cauldron/Bowl/Chalice/Cup - Pottery or Glass Work
Athames/ Bolines/ Daggers
scryring mirrors
candles (hand dipped)
Staves & Wands
Sewing Robes and Accessories
Poppets, Pouches, Bags
Altars, Ritual Chests, Travel Altars, Other cabinetry
BOS, Grimiores and Book Binding
Altar Pentacles, other Altar Ornaments
Jewelry, Headdresses, Charms
Seasonal Crafts and Tools (wreaths, eggs, weaving, etc)
I like the ideal about several people collaborating to do the class as well as your other suggestions. Would just need to find other people who are willing to help.
I would like to learn this. *raises hand* I'll join in a heart beat lol
Michael and All,

Please let me know how I can help. I have made most of my own tools from materials I picked up around the island in Barbados, or since returning to North America.

I am excited by this class idea. I am encouraging groups to create Corporate Regalia for their Shrines, Temples, etc. This fits nicely into that.

Again, please let me know what I can do to help.


I attached a couple of pics to the last post and will add another here.

The chalice above is made from coconut shell from a tree in my back yard in Barbados. I used my rotary tool to carve Correllian Runes around the rim and a silver paint pen to color them.

The box was made to hold my athame. The athame was forged by a friend in Indiana using a fire that was dedicated to Goibnu and Brighid. The box is simple enough. I then designed a Celtic pattern and transferred it with carbon paper. A wood burner was used to seer the design into the surface of the wood.

The staff in this picture is made from a wood that grows wild in Barbados. It is used for many things and is known to get harder as it ages. It seems to combine the properties of Mimosa and Cyprus with a certain "wildness" that I cannot fully express in words. I used the rotary tool to carve about 655 Correllian runes onto the entire length of the staff. These were then colored with a 10/0 brush using acrylic paint. The finish is beeswax suspended in a mineral oil base.

I hope you like.






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