I recently started a new group called "The Akashic Circle" welcoming anyone and everyone of all faiths and paths who call predominately Western Washington home. I intend to officially start this group as a "Real Life" sort of project outside of Witchschool as well as basing it out of my small hometown of Shelton, WA, however I would like to extend the group to others as well outside of Shelton in the "Mason County" region as well as farther if there are others interested in helping me "Spark" something positive living all the way in Seattle or otherwise. After all, this small town could use all the Healers/Lightworkers it can get right now :) I just wanted to post this to get the word out about it so that I can grow our numbers now so that when I finally return to WA next month I will have some people I can collaborate with and meet in real life to get started on this project. Thank you! May you be blessed in your ways!

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I wish you well with the project .
Thank you very much Fantum. I appreciate your words. :)




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