My Lords and Ladies, Sisters and Brothers, Family and Friends, let me bend your ears a moment.  As sit here thinking (what a dangerous thought, *chuckles*), and I am here to say we will all find our way to the light, in time.  No, not anywhere near what we would have it, but there in lies hope, also.  We as Pagans all wish for the same thing to one degree or another, and that wish is for acceptance.  Unabashed, and open hearted love for all shall see this day to pass.  If I may quote Socrates; Translated by:B. Jowett 'Five Great Dialogues by PLATO "How you, O Athenians, have been affected by my accusers, I cannot tell; but I know they almost made me forget who I was-so Persuasively did they speak; and yet they have hardly uttered a word of truth.  But of the many falsehoods told by them, there was one which quite amazed me-I mean when they said that you should be upon your gaurd and not allow yourselves to be decoived by the force of my eloquence.  To say this, when they were certain to be detected as soon as I opened my lips and proved myself to be anything but a great speaker, did indeed appear to me most shameless-unless by the force of eloquence they mean the force of truth; for if such is there meaning, I admit that I am eloquent.  But in how different a way from theirs!"


We like Socrates never make apologies for our ways, nor to we give creadeince(i know thats spelled wrong) to empty insults.  As more of us meet new people we are spreding our openess, and honest ways.  If we continue to prove ourselves the good people we've always known we were, eventually the rest will see, also.


In a past life I was a Courtazan(i know that's spelled wrong), and I was good at my job, I liked my work alot.  Life was good, but it had downsides, also.  It put me in a unique position, to reach many masculine (loved getting convinced the hard way) types.  I spread my word as kindly and convincingly as possible, but still had to keep myself in check.  I was after all a hore at the base of it all.  My life came and went, but I see now that if we all keep meeting new faces they get to see for themselves we are kind loving people just like them, and that it is all one big wheel leading to the same happy end.  Take heart when you think the world has us by the short hairs, when the media puts out another TV program that leaves more to question than answers.  When another church goes up in your area, and all you can think is "do they have enough yet?", yes my dears, all will be well.  It will, and you shall see, also.  Keep working for this one day, kepp sending love and energy to the collective.


Many thanks for your time, and if I may one last time,

"The hour of departure has arrived, and we go our ways-I to die, and you to live.  Which is better God only knows."  Socrates exits the courtroom.  Please take a moment more for a moment of silence for a great Philosopher, Socrates, the gentle, yet brutally honest soul, who told it like it really was and was sentenced to death for being himself.

May you and your Blessed Be

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Thank you for this post. I absolutely adore Socrates. He never stopped questioning the world around him... it's funny how people are scared of that.
*takes a regal bow w/ hand to heart* it was my pleasure to post it.
What a wonderful post! Blessed Be!!

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" Many are runied by admierers whose heads are turned by the sight of a pretty face;and many are lead by their strength to attempt tasks too heavy for them , and thus meet serious evils; many by their wealth and corrupted, and fall victim to comspiracies; many through glory and political power have to and will suffer great evils". Socrates
thanks for sharing MP
Truer words were never spoke.
Bravo, well said!

Blessing to all
What a wonderful post. Thank you.




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