Hello all,at risk of sounding crazy I would like to ask a question.

Has anyone else had Crystals on their altar ( or anywhere I guess) that seem to move closer to each other than they were the day before or the last time you remember seeing them.?

I realize that I can not prove this but I could swear that these 2 Crystals of mine on my altar Move closer to each other until they touch.

I will offer a few details my Altar is a very smooth simple dresser top (an upgrade from my stacked wine boxes haha) and the 2 Crystals in question are 1.) a basic Quartz crystal 2.) A very pretty Pale Green Fluorite.

Anyway just wandering if anyone else has experienced this.

Thanks and Blessed Be

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I have crystals move on my altar all the time but I have invited faeries into my home and give them offerings on a regular basis and am pretty sure that is why mine get moved about. They can be very mischievious.

Thanks for responding it is good to here other folks have this experience.

perhaps your crystals have an affinity for each other. Have you held them both at the same time and actually tried to listen to them? Try doing this while meditating hold them both in the same hand and perhaps you will see or hear something unusual. They may be trying to tell you something and need each other to do so. Just an idea and hope it works. Blessed Be Rob

Ahh I will Rob, thanks.

Crystals definitely have a mind of their own. Mine do, anyway, and are NEVER where I leave them.

Yes it seems that way, I kept thinking "Did I touch something that Bumped into them "etc..

I love when funny things happen like this it helps me feel stronger about believing in Magick.

The Other day a I had an Outer Body experience for the first time in a while and when I woke up from it it was so nice I was thinking "That's right ,Magick is real".

Even I can fall prey to the Mundane drudgery and forget that energy Manipulation is a genuine thing.
Thanks Larry

It's true. I never expected to find so many physical manifestations of energy work. it's awesome when that sort of thing happens.

Yes, It is funny how even for a believer like me, I still am sent little hints of proof of Magick to reassure me.
We can get so wrapped up in our lives that we dd not focus on our intending things.
I was resting my Psychic eye as the say but now I am going to start casting alot more.

The Crystal thing and the recent Ou of Body experience I see as reminders ,I see it as the Goddess saying "Don't forget MagICK Daniel."

You never know. I'd blame fairies but you really never know what it could be. I'd give you and your altar the benefit of the doubt. Of course, you could try to eliminate all mundane possibilities. For example, I was walking down a corridor at the WOWM and saw that the tablecloth had been half dragged off of the reading table and tarot cards were scattered everywhere. it totally freaked me out until I realized that one of my coworkers had brought in her dog and he had been chewing on the table cloth.

Still, I'd keep an open mind.

sparrow , may I ask which two ? crystal no color ? or two different colors ?

Sparrow stated it was a clear quartz and a pale green flourite in his original statement I believe ... not trying to be snide just pointing it out ...

SORRY WAS MORE FOCUSED ON THE MOVEMENT . did not see, my error .




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