are the spells performed in harry potter  true.? can they be performed by modern day witches?

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Which spell do you think is possible and let's explore how it might be possible or not possible together.There might be an even better way to get things done without the kind of spell you think is needed.

Please choose a Harry Potter spell.

accio and wingardium leviosa
Wingardium Leviosa...

The problem with harry potter magic is that it is anything but ritualistic. I won't go into much details, but in a nutshell, whenver you do a magical work you represent the real world at an alter, create a magical circle arround it and within the altar represent the change you want to acomplish.

Rowling does have one thing right- the use of Latin. Latin is the mother of all languages when we're speaking of ocultism. Invocations in latin work better than incovacions in any other language.

If you wished to make an object move (telekinesis) you can probably just send enough energy to it, though that would end up in caothic, violent and/or erratic movement. When things move at a house (poltergeyst) it's not a ghost 95% of the time, but rather this happening. More controlled ways to move something without your phisical body could involve your astral self moving towards the object and moving it, or have an elementa, daimon or whatever, to move it.
Latin is not the only effective language of occultism. I believe Hebrew is more effective. If you looked at the LBRP and middle pillar, all key words are in Hebrew
There is an old television show starring Leonard Nimoy, the old Spock on Star Trek. This show was called "In Search Of Poltergeists". On the show there was this boy and his family. The boy was haunted by a Poltergeist. But the television crew found that it was probably the boy levitating couches and tables and really heavy things. This footage could not have been faked. Computer graphics was just not that good. Nor was the furniture pulled up by strings. Impossible. No, it was actually levitation going on. So if anyone can find this television show, that is proof of levitation.

Here is another In Search Of that you might like to see.
I absolutly loved that show . I was a kid in the 1970's and 80's and I loved the eeriness of that show it was truly good for it's time and even now. Leonard Nimoy was a great host.
Do you remember the show about Poltergeists where all the furniture was flying in the air around the teen?
No sir But sI will look it u on yo tube, They did do a show on Witches I remember as well as other things It came across both real, and fantastic but eve my Atheist ?Christian father loved it. at the same time I thought it had a great atmosphere of possible magic..
Blessed Be John

I assume you mean the mainstream books, or do you refer to some enciclopedia based on them? I ask because i remember there where a few enciclopedia-like books wich describe the creatures in the HP books, etc. If you could provide us with an example it would be best.

i'm fascinated by their spells and i'm dreaming of doing it.
Hummmm, not to sure about this. After all, the Church has taken a radical position in trying to ban Harry Potter books. It is also a general belief that JK Rowling is Wiccan (but this remains hearsay)
Sadly everything about harry potter is fiction. But some of the spells would be handy :). Its all in JK's head




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