Did wiccans have to wear their Pentacles all the times?

I was thinking do wiccians have to wear their pentacles everywhere they go?

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Hello Nia, I say you do not have to were anything that makes you uncomfortable.

It is not your job to come out of the Broom Closet if you do not desire to.

I personally were a pentacle sometimes under my shirt, and sometimes visible.
I were pagan symbols but most folks do not know what they are.

If you desire to feel as if the Goddess is with you in a physical way maybe find a Goddess Necklace or a Crystal that calls to you.
Most folks won't know their meanings and you can still feel as if you are representing.
Nia, I wear my pentacle ring everday, along with a triquatra ring, a moon and star ring, an Eye of Shiva ring, and a malachite ring. My hands don't feel right with out them any more. I generally save my pentacle necklace for ritual occaisons. Only one coworker has commented on the ring since I begin to wear it daily: "Mary are you Jewish? But you bring sausage biscuits to work everyday!" LOL!

Hi Nia!
I wear one of my pentacle necklaces almost all the time - I occasionally get some interesting comments that spark an interesting conversation. If I get negative comments from Christians, I simply say that the pentacle to me is like the cross to them - and America guarantees freedom of religion. That said, the conversation usually ends. If they insist on proselytizing at me, I generally am more knowledgeable than they are about their Bible - LOL!! There's no rule about wearing any symbol of your faith - it's all a mater of personal preference. If I don't, for some reason, wear a pentacle, (as I do have a lot of other jewelry I wear with certain outfits), I usually draw the pentacle on my skin with oil. I know it's there, but no one else does~~ It is, after all, simply an outward symbol of an inward attitude/belief.
Brightest Blessings~~Phoenix

I wear mine around my neck at all times as both a sign of faith, and of protection. That said - like so many have already commented here - you don't HAVE to do anything if you do not wish! Wear what you want, when you want (within the confines of your local laws, of course. I think there would be a few objections if you wore nothing but your pentagram! lol)

I have now even gone as far as having my professional tattooist wife put one on the inside of each of my ankles, but again, this is personal choice.

So many people have lived so long in the shadow of other religions that they forget the one nice thing about our way of life is we have no "set rules". As long we harm none, then we are free to choose what we like, when we like! :-)

Hope this helps to answer your question!

Blessed Be!

Rev. Andi

I heard from a ex-best friend that pagans and wiccans have to wear it all the time. I wear mine, but I want to wear other necklaces sometimes, but I was afraid to take it off because of bad luck.

Hmmm... an ex-best friend? LOL! i think we all probably have a few of those! I would suggest you get the whole idea of 'luck' - good or bad - out of your head if you're studying Wicca. One of the things we learn to do is bend reality, which kind of cancels out the idea of 'luck'. Visualization and manifestation are learned skills, and part of the learning is when NOT to try to interfere, for both our own benefit, and the benefit of others. I think the most basic, hard and fast rule is, however, that we are NOT to attempt to control or change the destiny of others with spellwork or threats. That can bring VERY unhappy Karma to the sender! always remember, what you send out, comes back, magnified. Don't worry about 'bad luck' - just take care not to disrespect anything or anyone, including Deities~~ (and including yourself - as you know you are also a part of Deity!)
Brightest Blessings on Your Journey!!~~Phoenix

I agree with what everyone is saying :)

BUT-- One thing,,, where can you get a pentacle? I really want to get one, but I don't know where to start looking!
Peace out <3

This site sells a lot of jewelry and the proceeds go towards supporting Witchschool and the World of Witches Museum (Witchschool's physical location). You may want to think about ordering one from here. http://www.witchschool.com/page/store-jewelry




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