i have some abilities that creep me out sometimes and i would love to know that im not alone and im not going crazy.

like i can see glimpses of the future, i have empathy and i know things ive never learned about before.

once i turned the lights on and off with my mind, and i have pushed a glass across the table with my mind (not much ,but enough to be creeped out)

and everytime i go to a psycic , like as soon as i walk in they look straight at me and say "wow, you have a lot of energy" thtz before i sit down and they touch my hand or see into my future.

i have been to about 4 were each time they said the exact same thing. my mom has been to like 11 and each time when she asks about me they say " you have a very strong daughter, she is very powerful. i believe she is destined to do great things."

is tht not a little wierd?


so have you guys every had any weird instances like those?

 if so plzz feel free to share even if you just have some useful information or heard stories about ppl......



blessed be,

zenua geal draiochta

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My psychic abilities are rather pitiful actually - it kinda sucks. I've never been able to communicate with trees or spirits and I am in no way empathic or anything. It's interesting to hear about other people's abilities though, and I hope one day to increase my own :)
I am not sure if every one can do this but i have an ability to sense and draw in peoples energy it's like if you have a watch and you wear it all the time i can feel the energy you have generated and draw it out and into me
not everyone can do it, though most can i personally can but never thought of it as a talent but i now see ,i guess it could be.
when i was younger i often had prophetic dreams but they are few and far between these days.
i also have a voice that tells me things i need to know. for example the day my grandmother died i was visiting her in the hospital with my mother and the voice said "she's gone" clear as day while we were walking down the hall. i stopped and told my mom i would wait in the waiting room. i wasn't ready for that. she thought it was strange that i didn't want to go in but shrugged it off. she came out an hour later crying. grandma was gone.
i've always seen ghosts. i've come to be very friendly with the dead. they've never tried to hurt me and i've never been afraid of them.
i see auras and can sense what type of person someone is and whether or not i should stay away from them.
thtz quite interesting.
i cant see auras unfortunatly but i can sense wht type of ppl they are.
uhm... Gypsy... I was wondering if you knew what could a person do to anger a spirit because i was at a friend's house and i could sense the ghost it tried to possess me it made me tell my friend that i wanted to eat his liver and i could smell blood and i wanted to drink my friend dry it made me hysterical at some point my friend sat in a conor with an axe and i sensed his fear and suddenly i feel on my back and let out what my friend calls the most evil laugh he has ever heard then i shut my eyes the only thought i had was cry and i did i sat there quitely my friend actually fell asleep with a knife in his hand and i was wondering why did it do this why did it chose me... Can u help
Me and my friend used to pretend we were Gods children and we had powers. I was never christin but whatever. But we would be like wind come to me and half an hour later the wind would blow and wed be like cool. Well once my science teacher fell and started a fire with the chemicals and we couldn't reach the fire alarm. I was like staring and crying and finally it moved later that week I was stareing at my bear and it jumped and fell in my lap. Well i found wicca and now I am like Oh now I get it. HaHa
i have plenty of special powers but i cant control half of them.
I haven't found any magical things that i can do, but I can control Chi, and some Jedi things( I'm also part of jediism) but thats all i know.




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