I have a question that I can't find an answer to online so I need some help from my fellow pagans and wiccans.. What do I do with a dreamcatcher when it has had its fill??
I have had a dreamcatcher for a long time now and for awhile I and my boyfriend have been having bad dreams.. I just don't know what to do with the dreamcatcher now that it is full.. Please help!!

May the Goddess always bless you in everything you do )O(
Brooke Garnet

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cleanse it with sage smoke. You could do a ritual and cleanse it with the four elements. ie pass it through fire, smoke, sprinkle it with salt, sprinkle it with holy water. Just basically like a house cleansing but cleanse your dreamcatcher.

Here is a very generic ritual take or add your own words and own gods.

Cleansing, Conscecrating and Empowering Ritual
You can use this ritual to cleanse, consecrate and empower your tools, charms, or any other thing that may need it. You can even modify it a little to be a house blessing ritual.
In the invocation, you may substitute specific Gods or Goddesses for the generis version I gave you. Just make sure of their attributes before you call on them. Moon phase: New or Full
Moon signs: Aries or Sagittarius.
Day: Monday, perhaps Friday.

Items needed:

* Holy Water
* "Cleansing" or "purifying" incence (ex: frankincense, cloves, cinnomen etc.)
* One candle (white)
* Altar Pentacle
* Objects to be cleansed, consecrated, and empowered
* Self-confidence (very important, non-substitutional)

Do a short meditation with the God and Goddess. Ask for Their strength and guidence.

Ground and Center.

Cast Circle

Call Quarters

Invoke the God and Goddess:

Hail, oh Goddess and God
Luminous Lady and Radient Lord
I call you to come into my circle
To witness and guide me in this ritual
Blessed Be!

Light the incense and the candle.

Place the tool on the pentacle and lay yor right hand on it. Say:

'Goddess and God, diegn to bless and to consecrate this _________ that it may obtain the necessary virtue through you for all acts of love and beauty.'

Pass the object through the incense, saying:

'I cleanse this ________, so that I may rid it of any negative energies. By the powers of Air witch is Her sacred breath, I remove all energies, positive and negative.'

Pass the object through the flame of the white candle, saying:

'I cleanse this ________, so that I may remove any negative energies within it. By the powers of Fire which is Her spirit, I remove all energies,positive or negative.'

Dip your fingers into the Holy Water, and sprinkle it on the object, saying:

'I cleanse this ________, so that I may remove any negative energies within it. By the powers of Water which is Her essence, I remove all energies, positive or negative.'

Place the object on the Pentacle, saying:

'I cleanse this ________, so that I may remove any negative energies within it. By the powers of Earth which is her Sacred Body, I remove all energies, positive or negative.'

Hold the object to the sky, saying:

I cleanse this ________, so that I may remove any negative energies within it. By the powers of Spirit which is Divine, I remove all energies, positive or negative. So mote it be.

Place the object back on the pentacle and say:

'Goddess and God, bless this instrument prepared in your love and honor.'

Next, raise energy but drawing the positive energies around you to focus into a ball. This is done through visualization. This is where you must use the self-confidence you have hopefully not forgotten to bring into the circle. See the energies coming together to form a silvery-blue ball, about eight to ten inches long. See it spinning in a deosil (clockwise) motion, slowly lowering it onto the object. Then see it and the object meld together, and the object now glowing with the power of the universe. Say:

'I empower this __________ with positive energies so that it may aid me in my worship of You, and in ritual of love. So mote it be.'

You have now cleansed, consecrated, and empowered one item. If you have any more, repeat the whole process again with the next object. If not, or when you are done:

Dismiss the Goddess and God

Dismiss Quarters

Take down the circle.

Very Nice Rachael, I agree.

Hi Brooke!

Traditionally, the bad dreams caught up within the dreamcatcher are supposed to dissipate with the morning sun. If your dreamcatcher isn't somewhere that it catches sunlight on a regular basis, you may want to set it out once a week or once a month to help clear out the negative dreams. And, Rachael's ritual is great, too!


Anavrin it is nice to here from you again it has been a pretty long time. I hope all is well.




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