Greetings Everyone,
For those of you with Temples/Shrines/Orders of the Correllian Tradition, it's time to send in your Lustration reports for this years fall Lustration of the Living 3rd, 4th and 5th September.
Could you please send your reports to 
Deadline for all reports to be in is  Friday 27th August 2010
Reports are required from the following.
Witan Shrines
Stand Alone Formal Shrines
Formal Shrines attached to a Temple should send in their reports to their Temple for inclusion in that Temple's report. Please do not delay your Temple Head's report by sending your Formal Shrine report in late to your Temple Head.
Reports should contain no more than one page recording what you have done in the six months since the previous Lustration and what your aims are for the next six months till the Lustration of the Ancestors in April 2011. 

Please send in all reports as a word document as these will be printed out for viewing at Lustration. Please do not use any other format than word for your report
Please make sure you get your reports to me by Friday 27th August any date after this is too late and you will be recorded as not submitting a report for this Lustration.
Witan Herald 

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It is with pleasure we send in our report for the Mystical Ancient Circle, Jax Florida 32211
Lustration was a blast! I'm glad that Jim and I got to go the Lustration. We have brought home lots of new ideas, concepts.
Our Group is getting bigger and bigger. I do send people to sing up on I just need to be added to the mentors list. I have sent a letter to Rev Ing. I'm assuming he who I talk to? Lady Virginia is my over seerer and Lady Stephanie Sacred Seas Temple is my mentor.

Blessed Be
~Holly Charland
Chief Priestess Mystical Ancient Circle.




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