Time to move on ,My offer stands and is closed -Blessed Be

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Thanks Fantum, I do not want back in I wanted the band lifted as an act of friendship ,truce and reason.

In truth it was a blessing Getting the "Boot" from there it brought me here.

Thanks for Responding and Blessed Be

Sparrow, the folks who you are wanting to reach an agreement with do not believe that CNT is a valid form of Wicca, any more than Baptist is a valid form of Catholicism. They claim to be BTW, and the anology works as well as any I can think of. To them, witchcraft is a way to get what you want, not a way to make life better for others as well. They have left the "thread-which-will-no-be-named" up, despite requests to take it down. I am still (somehow) a member, and from time to time someone will post some venom to it and I get an alert in my email. I don't go there any more because of this.

They will never accept anyone outside of their own little circle, Brother, and any exchange with them runs the possibility of starting this nastiness all over again.

Maybe you are right Larry, maybe I overestimated my diplomatic abilities after all they did not worth last time haha!, I just thought that in spoken word it may provide a different atmosphere if you know what I mean.

I thought maybe an Olive Branch approach were the person did not have an hour to stare at my paragraph and over-analyze it to the point of Nausea would provide a better medium for discussion.

Well anyway the offer is out their Let us see.

Blessed Be and Good to here from you Larry.

If you check too, the owner is no longer Wiccan. He's moved on.

Hmm Raincloud did he move on from being disappointed by his own sight haha!

Hey All,

I agree with letting it go. Sometimes, you just have to believe the universe will even the score. My daughter and I were severely ripped off (monetarily) by a very well-known, graphics-glamorous "college" online, and because we live in another country there has been nothing I can do except warn others where I can. To say my faith in the Craft was shaken is an understatement (and I've been a witch for over 37 years). I still cannot believe how I was treated and the underhandedness of a particular 'third degree' "Lady".

Still, I understand now that perhaps my experience will put me in a position to save others from losing their money and faith in humanity. Very esoteric, I know. Rather meek for me, yes. But true nevertheless. If you can redress the situation go for it, but if it's going to turn into a bigger mess then step back. And wait. What goes around, comes around.....
Blessed Be :-)

Sorry to here about your Monetary loss Thanks for your comment and Blessed Be




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