How Do I Tell My Mother I think I'm Wiccan? I Am 13

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Lol Rev. Elise! You beat me to it!!! OF COURSE you can use it, anytime! I appreciate it in fact!

Samantha Read the article, those are my thoughts (I wrote it!)

Blessed Be and Good Luck on Your Journey,
Thank you So Mutch...
I am Going To Tell My Mother Tomorrow.
Blessed Be
Good luck! I wish you the best!
i like the long comment it is good.. but all i got is bring it on her slowly. ask about it and small stuff get a feel for what she thinks besides just dropping it on her and when u do tell her make sure you've got ur facts when if she starts on u about being damned and what not.
marry meet Samantha, I think you're too young to decide I suggest you study wicca for a year or two and practice some ritual with your local group before you come out as a wiccan, and make sure that in this group there's a priest or someone has studied Wicca for long enough.tell your mother that you're exploring other religions and I'm sure she'll understand.
good luck and blessed be =)
Merry Meet.
More or less what the long comment says.
Each experience is different for each of us though. Luckily, My mother was already used to me 'freakiness' and I used to talk to her all tha time about my paranormal life. When I told her I was wiccan, she didn't necessarily accept it, but she dealt with it. Now, however, she accepts it and mentions it in a positive light to our neighbors. My father, on the other hand, rarely speaks to me. When I told him I was wiccan, he just laughed and said I'd be many things in my life. And that was the end of that.

Every experience is different...

I hope all goes well! Blessed Be!
Oh! And if it makes any difference, I'm15 almost 16 and managed to tell my parents. I was strong and stood up for what I believed in!
I would suggest that you tell her you are looking into it. That way she doesn't freak and might even look at it and discuss with you. Best of luck! Blessed be!
I haven't told my parents anything yet (I'm 15) I'll just wait for them to ask. (:
megan i read your post it was amazine i would love to interview you for a Pagans Tonight youth oriented show please contact me at so we can discuss the potential interview Zaracon
I started studying wicca aged 11 - i was also drawn to it by the word "witch" but had already been raised with the idea of the threefold law and karma etc (I think my mums a bit of a closet wiccan) I came out to my mum aged 13 - and she actually said "you think YOU can be a witch" and started laughing - I realise now she was trying to scare me off. I tried church again not long after that and it just reinforced what i already knew - christianity was a beautiful religion and i like holy buildings, but I am not and never would make a christian. At the age of 14 I went back to reading about paganism.

Now Im 20 and I actually study world religions for my degree - my mum respects my opinions and has permitted me to have a big samain feast this year - that she will help out with! Her making me fight for the acceptance was what I really needed - she may still not be ready to come out (she doesnt want to influence her children too much and her mum thinks its a silly religion - despite being a professional psychic) but she whole heartedly accepts my beliefs - and even offered me crystals to make my prayerbeads!!

Your mum might not be as supportive - few are, but although i was heartbroken at her laughing - By promising only to read and not practice she respected me so much more and I showed i was respecting her. In my lifetime I have only practiced around 5 spells - but I think for beginners (and to me the 9 years of online surfing is being a beginner) thats a good amount. I have started digging deeper within the last 2 years and feel prepared to practice the craft fully and openly now :D

I don't know why but I believe that reading this would help you and many like you

Please - let us know how you get along

best of luck!

My mom now knows and supports me in every way but my father has no idea. Me and my mother are not keeping a secret or lieing to him. I am just doing my rituals and meditateing when he is not around. Does this make me a bad person Is this a violation of th rede? I dont want to hurt him but i'm afraid that if i tell him it will hurt him. What should i do?
I just hope your mother is understanding and doesn't give you negative backlash like my Christian Mother did. This can make your spiritual path very confusing and even tormenting. Just remember to trust your inner voice and do not waver from who you are. It is normal to want to explore your spirituality and everyone, including your mother should respect that.




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