Merry Meet all!  I have always had a fascination with Sanskrit, Devanagari, Hindi, and India, so a few days ago I decied to take the final step and start learning about Hinduism.  Now I've realized that Hindu and Wicca beliefs Do coincide a great deal, as in Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, the creator (Maiden) preserver (Mother) and Destroyer (The Crone).  I also really like and agree with the ideals and ethics taught in Hinduism, so I was hoping to be a kind of Hindu-Wiccan, you know follow the Hindu pantheon, and the teachings, but while still celebrating the Sabbats and practicing Wiccan and Hindu Magick.  But, there are also crucial differences id est, they see Karma as a bit different than just normal Wiccans.  They see it as they are in the cycle of death and rebirth and when they pretty much live perfectly they can receive Moksha,or "Freedom"  from the eternal cycle:  "The basic belief is that a person's fate is determined according to his deeds. These deeds in Hinduism are called 'Karma'. A soul who does good Karma in this life will be awarded with a better life in the next incarnation. Souls who do bad Karma will be punished for their sins, if not in this incarnation then in the next incarnation and will continue to be born in this world again and again. The good souls will be liberated from the circle of rebirth and get redemption which is called 'Moksha' meaning freedom. Hindus normally cremate their dead ones, so that the soul of the dead would go to heaven, except in a few cases of Hindu saints, who are believed to have attained 'Moksha'."     I was just wondering, if this in any way adds up to Wiccan thought?  I REALLY want to follow hinduism, AND Wicca, I just don't know how I can make the two add up!!  I was Buddhist before Wiccan, and I still practice many of the ethics that Buddhists do practice, but I didn't agree with some things in Buddhism, and found that Wicca does agree with most tings that I do.  I would greatly appreciate if anyone that knew a good deal about blending Hinduism and Wicca could help me out here.  But any answers are nice &D  !!!



Magickal Huminbyrd? 

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Being an eclectic sort of witch myself, I follow wiccan, buddhist, hindu, and other beliefs.
This is in no way a bad thing, as any religion based on love at least is based on truth (now, anything added to them that isn't love or compassion is up for quationing).
How I tend to cope with what might be considered conflicting ideas is trust my guides. If something seems untrue then perhaps it is not right for you to incorporate.

Seeing as you have only begunt o incorporate Hinduism and Wicca, as you study you will find what is true for you. Remember to keep your mind open, speak to those guides/gods/inner voices that help in decision making, and always follow your heart.

You might find that the Wiccan altar is something you would like to keep but instead of invokation, you might say your mantras. These are all matters that follow what feels right rather than what you are told is right.
i am a hindu who have come to learn wicca for the same reasons rituals meditations spell casting circles seem like i have always known. i found that law of multiple returns exist and it is exactly 3 about 16 years ago. all this before i knew the existance of wicca. i find both relogions go hand in hand and parellel to each other.
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I Lived Most Of My Life As A Monastic In A Hindu Temple Ashram & Was The Personal Attendent To My Enlightened Indian Guru Until He Entered Final Maha~Samadhi & Left His Body! I Performed All Temple Duties & Did Puja In Sanskrit & Planted & Took Care Of Temple Organic Veggie & Flower Gardens! ~~~ Because Of Certain Hindu Dharma Violations & The Cruel Ignorant Caste System & Horrific Animal Sacrifice & Pesticide~Loving Meat~Eating Swamis ~ I Left That Hindu Order ~ Plus, I Needed To Incorporate & LIVE My Eclectic Wicca As A Magickal Path To Full Enlightenment! ~~~ I Combine & Merge ALL My Mystical Experiences Gained In Hinduism & Its Wizdoms ~ Into My Wicca! ~ My Final Monastic Hindu Initiation Was Given By My Guru & He Gave Me My Auspicious Sannyas Name Of *Shivani Sannyasini* Because In Hinduism I Have The Nature Of A Female Shiva! That Sannyas Initiation Made Me A Female Guru In Hinduism. I Have NO Inclination Nor Desire To Break My Hindu Monastic Purity Vows & My Life~Long Brahmacharya Vows ~ Myself As A Witch Have NO Such Desires!

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good. would like to meet ypou an d lean more abou hinduism, since you have leartnt it more than me
Do you think you'd be able to help me? I did go through a Buddhist stage, but I couldn't really keep going with it because I couldn't find a Guru. Do you think you would be able to help me with some aspects of Hinduism as it seems you know a lot more than myself!

I would call this eclectic paganism myself. By that you can mix up religions that do not normally permit practicing of other religions if you wish to be in them, add and change elements as you wish, all without having to fit it into any particular label. In most religions just because the practices can be very similar, its particular and specific beliefs that tend to separate them out. Many of them would also have you believe if you have certain beliefs or mix certain practices then you cant truly be following either.

This doesn't take away from the validity of what anyone practices by any means. It only questions what one might call their personal form of practice. In the end it is what you feel comfortable practicing and I guess it really is up to each individual what they choose to call themselves, especially if they are in a particular church or coven or what have you.




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