I am a Pagan in a Conservative Family! I need help!

To be quick, I am the only Wiccan in my Hardcore-Christian family. The simple solution would be to move away, only thing is that I am stuck here till I gradute (One More Year), any tips for surviving my religiously intolerant family and still be able to practice freely? Thanks! Blessed be!

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The first thought that comes to my mind is that they are your family. Therefore they already love you for who you are. I noticed your phrasing in your post that they are "intolerant", why not turn that around and try to bring tolerance back into the family? Sometimes just putting up with your family members can be a chore but it can be very rewarding in the long run. Hope that helps.

I have never been able to make a close minded person hear reason . With out them willing to give you a chance to show that this is not the evil they think it is , trying to { MAKE } them hear you out will only bring about anger , resentment , fear , and mistrust . I know you don't want to wait another year be for you can practice your faith . But as long as you live in their house you should respect their rules and and not bring in anything that will offend them . Your only option is to find a pagan group you can practice with . Let them hold any pagan tools , books , or props of yours in trust till you move out on your own and can practice freely . I am sorry if this was not what you wanted to hear . But if we don't show respect even to the people we disagree with , then we are not worthy of respect our self's . Please be patient and hang in there . The year will be over be for you know it . Hope this helps & Blessed be .

I live with my hardcore christian family for years before moving away to college.  Some basic things I did were simple and easy. 

(1) be open if they ask questions
(2) don't try to force them to accept you. They are your family, they will love you no matter what.
(3) keep your alter simple. Personally I just had my candles and crystals out, while having all of my tools in a locked box in my closet. (snooping sister and all)
(4) For rituals and the sabbats, I went outside in the woods and did everything there. If the weather didn't permit it, I worked with the space in my room and usually just mentally spoke the words.

But also just think of the situation as a trial. Everything happens for a reason and will only help you grow stronger.

Blessed be, 

Some very good advice from everyone, I think! I would only add that YOU are the only 'tool' you really NEED - everything else is 'window dressing'. When one is in a place where rituals cannot be performed as one would like, build yourself an 'Astral Temple', where you can go to do your rituals. I find I do more of my Ritual work on the Astral Plane than the physical, at times.

Thanks for your thoughts! They all help! Some of the hardest things to do is to abide by their rules for as long as I live in there house, but it seems as though I must. But it isn't their place to tell me what religion I should believe in, because that isn't what faith is about.

I'm in the same boat. What I do is own the secrecy I have to keep. I have fun with it. I'll be sitting in my kitchen grinding up herbs for a tea in my mortar and pestle, reminding myself that this innocuous item is the symbol of my patron, Baba Yaga. My mother once commented how "witchy" I looked using it and I couldn't help but laugh.

I've turned my bedroom into a sacred space. I have symbols of the elements in each corner and have been complimented on them by christian family members who have no idea what they are. I went on a trip to Itally with my fam and it was as if I was on a secret pilgrimage. I stood in the Vatican on marble tiles stolen from Pagan temples and payed homage to what was lost.

At the end of the day, most people have no idea what ritual or magick or pagan worship looks like. As long as you are subtle, there is a great deal you can do. I have a network of allies in the plants and trees around my house. I leave them offerings which can take the form of compost or birdseed (and who would think anything of that?) I leave berries out for the fairies and nature spirits and if they sit in my yard long enough, my dog cleans up the evidence. I keep a garden of herbs, and work with them regularly. There is a lot you can hide under an interest in herbal and holistic medicine. Your herbal sachets and oils can be dismissed to outsiders as "aromatherapy". And when it comes to kitchen witchcraft and food magick, the possibilities are endless. I've cooked my family meals charged for property, tolerance, and peace, done this sort of thing right under their noses and their only comment was on what a good cook I am.

In the meanwhile, keep an eye out for gatherings and events at metaphysical shops where you can meet other Wiccans and Pagans. Having a community outside of the house is a big help. I've been a solitary and I've worked in groups. Even when you are a solitary it is great to have others to celebrate the holidays with.




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