Here is some information I got from Wiki

J.K. Rowling - creator of Harry Potter about Witchcraft and Wicca and about the Christian ban of Harry Potter books.

CNN interview 1999

"I absolutely did not start writing these books to encourage any child into witchcraft. I'm laughing slightly because to me, the idea is absurd. I have met thousands of children and not even one time has a
child come up to me and said, "Ms Rowling, I'm so glad I've read these
books because now I want to be a witch."

In an interview in Donny & Marie Show in 1999, Rowling said that "You have a perfect right, of course, as every parent does, and I'm a parent, to decide what your child is
exposed to. You do not have the right to decide what everyone else's
children are exposed to. So that's how I feel about it".[108]

"Practicing Wiccans think I'm also a witch", Rowling told Entertainment Weekly in 2000. "I'm not."[109]

"People underestimate children so hugely", Rowling said when asked about the controversy in the 2001 documentary Harry Potter and Me, "They know it's fiction. When people are arguing from that kind of standpoint, I don't think reason works tremendously well. But I would be
surprised if some of them had read the books at all."[110]

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I heard about this lol it kinda makes me laugh cos EVERYONE knows harry potter is fiction its kinda like twilight. but with these kinda books it lets our minds into another world, some of my mums friends kids dress up and pretend they are at hogwarts, thats all it is. just a story with a happy ending.


That's funny because some writers call this website the real Hogwarts!


So you can tell everybody that you go to the real Hogwarts at WitchSchool.Com

lol I think I will if anyone asks where I go....witchschool hogwarts duh lol

 And I would say a person with a very creative mind. my grand have all seen these and not one of them has come up and said I want to be a witch. They have asked me if these things are possible I tell them no. But they do however make one think or wish they could do these things, imagination is indeed a wonderful thing.   

agree...even sometimes I wish I could some of the stuff they do like fly on a broom how easy would it be and not getthe bus or anything lol....but sadly like every other witch movie...its all false

Yes like the old stories of BEWITCHED, how many times have a wished I could be her, lol, talk about getting the work done! so picks up her broom and starts to sweep.    

yeah I know be so much easier.... too bad its personal gain

 I dont know about the personal gain but loads of woman could understand this lol.

yeah and if I had bewitched powers it has to be somewhere besides the nose cos I cant wiggle it lol no matter how hard I try

 funny , I know the feeling




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