Hello everyone, I need a job finding spell or ritual for someone very close to me that has lots of diplomas but is lacking job experience and hence cannot find a job. I wish this person to be able to find a job very shortly. Thank you for your help.

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So, no one ?
I wrote a jobs spell for my husband and it worked immediately. It is actually used for the job interview. The best way to score an interview is to get out and look. Call businesses in your field and ask if they are hiring, check classifieds, and look for online listings. It may help to have him post a resume up on some job search sites, such as monster.com.

He may have to take an entry level position that won't pay a lot in this competitive job market. You have to start small to get that crucial experience that they want for higher paying positions. All of the book learning in the world, and knowing how the field works 'in theory' is usually not the same as working on the job, and many employers don't have the time or energy to train a person.

That said, make sure your friend applies for positions that they are well qualified for (even if they are under his training level) AND they apply for "dream jobs". You never know when someone is willing to take a risk and hire a new face if they have the right "stuff" for their business.

Anyways good luck to you and your friend, I hope this helps. It looks like your post was bumped down the list before very many got to see it, so it wasn't seen- so be fair and know that people probably weren't ignoring you- they simply didn't see the post.


Blessed Be!
Thank you for the spell, but do you have another spell so he can at least get an interview for the jobs he is applying.
No offence, but he tried everything you had mentionned without success (for the last 5 years), so no need to say that he is ready to consider any position even if it is well beneath his qualifications but seems to stand even less chances ...
So I really need something very efficient, and magick seems to be the ONLY solution.




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