Just in case you Did not know. I wanted to share with folks Proof of the word Wicca, Long........Before Gardner.

Here is the Page in one of the old Dictionaries I myself have read.

The Word Wicca is Much older than some folks want you to know. I was discussing this in another Post and just wanted Folks here to see it for themselves.

So here it is page 1213 from an old Anglo Saxon dictionary http://bosworth.ff.cuni.cz/page/b1213

There is much more than this. but it is late and this is enough.

How many times have we as Correllians on other Websites heard that Wicca is only of a specific Lineage.
Not true folks.
Here is another one as well http://home.comcast.net/~modean52/oeme_dictionaries.htm

Press the "W" on the "Old English " Side to the right then scroll down and you will again find another Multiple references to the word Wicca , Wicce, Wicung ,etc..

I am just saying this to clear the air .

Some folks have bought into the Modern Internet Myth that a few Special folks inveneted Wicca and own the word. I would as well like to stay that this is in no way meant to be Disrespectful to Gardnerians.
Again as I have said My good friend and Co Host of My Radio Show studied in a Gardnerian Coven for many years.

Blessed Be

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Thanks Sparrow! I know this was posted before (probably by you). I appreciate it.
I find it frustrating that the word is fought over so much.

You are Welcome, I have posted this before and it was a fairly friendly discussion but it was in the Middle of a thread.

So I wanted folks to see the truth about the word Wicca on a new open Forum.

Some people here have been to the Nasty websites were people claim that the Very Word Wicca belongs to specific Lineages and I say that there is more to it than that and History backs me up.

And yes I agree with you that the word is fought over to much

Looks like Mama was right again; "if you're not sure about something, look it up for your self". Good advice Ma.
Thanks Sparrow; knowledge is key.

Your Welcome

To me, even ignoring the issues involving the lack of standard spelling within OE, there is a difference between wicca (a descriptive term for myriad practices) and Wicca, a specific set of religious practices from New Forest in much the same way there is a difference between the word catholic, which applies to various non-Christian religions and Catholic, which is a specific Christian religion descending from authority from a sole spiritual leader. In both cases, the former generic word is older than the latter, more specific term, although the latter contains elements of the former. To ignore that distinction is profoundly misleading, in my view.

I understand your point Jul,I think we agree haha!
And Remember That Garnder separated his tradition from others by Spelling it with one "C".
The word Catholic does actually mean "Universal".

This discussion is about evolution as well if you look at it from a more modern Unitarian Perspective.

Studying the worlds religions leads one quickly to see the patterns of evolution and development.

Even within the Unitarian church itself! there has been certain Purity debates!!!.

These are not the debates that interest Creative people of action who understand nature.
I choose action , development , real History including Natural Human evolution as well as of course Community.

Although, I do believe that the word Wica Wicce Wicca and all other variations pre-date Gardner. I also see that the Bosworth-Toller was written around 1898-1921. If you take a look at Gardner's timeline, Gerald Brousseau Gardner (13 June 1884 – 12 February 1964) as you can see the book was written during his lifetime. So the dictionary isnt much proof in my eyes. However, this line ("Halfway through the ceremony, he heard the word "Wica", and he recognised it as an Old English word for witchcraft.") on the wikipedia page would satisfy me. :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerald_Gardner
But this is a great topic and appreciate you posting!

It still predates him, and it is a publication of older words. Unless Gardner added it when he was 5.

Yes he was a Visionary but come on! haha

I understand the angle you intend though. I am at peace.

So what it means is that Gardner nor Traditional Wicca today have exclusive rights to the word 'Wicca'. But Traditional Wiccans are winning the exclusive rights to the word because reformists are giving up and dropping the word. As it should be. The word 'Wicca' has a very narrow and "secret" definition according to Traditionalists. The word Pagan however, has no secret meaning. I prefer it that way.

I understand your point and have said before that I do not necessarily have an emotional attachment to the Word Wicca, I am basically making a point based on disappointment of the unimpressive nature of Non creative types taking over something.

When this happens function becomes less important and a bunch of new unnecessary detail replaces the work of visionaries.

Visionaries do the hard work and simpletons, determined to feel important take over.

Again I am not defending my personal attachment to the word Wicca I am making an observation.

And yes maybe it is time to let the simpletons have the word Wicca since they have cried about it so much.haha

Sorry if that sounds a bit rude but there it is. It happens in many places in life were the visionaries are eclectic and brilliant and then others take over after the visionary is gone.

The pronunciation is: Wich-Ah, for Wicca. Wich-Ay, for Wicce.

I think that its interesting that Gardner chose the masculine word. Especially since an overwhelming majority of Wiccans are female. I doubt that Wicca as it exists now was what he had envisioned, but what religion doesn't grow and develop over time?

No, the word(s) belongs to all speakers of the English language. But Wicca has evolved into the English word "witch" and left behind the gender specific term.





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