It was with deepest sorrow that I heard today of the death of Katrina Kessler. If you watch Magick TV you will know Katrina as “Foxglove” or simply “Fox”. Just 23 years old, Katrina died in a tragic car accident in California.

Katrina was a truly wonderful person, a person unlike anyone else I have every met, and I will miss her very much. She worked with me at the World of Witches Museum for two years, doing everything from tour guiding to set building to graphic arts to videography to handing out fliers on street corners. She often said that what she loved about the Museum was that it allowed her to do anything and everything, and she did it all magnificently. To call her multi-talented would not even begin to do justice to her versatility.

Katrina was also a deeply magical person, crafting herbal spell jars to order and reading for people with her Fairytale Deck with which she would identify the Fairytale narrative they were experiencing and the lessons it held for them. Her connection to the Museum was at times so intense that locked cases would not open for anyone but her, unless they first spoke her name.
Katrina wanted to be a stage manager, and for Magick TV she did a great deal of work on both sides of the camera. Viewers will remember her from Foxglove’s Lost and Found, and the Salem Wolf Pack, but she was the technician on all of the Live Study Groups and many of the Vlogs that WOWM produced. However, her most impressive work was The Young Witches of Salem movie, of which she was director and editor in chief as well as onscreen talent. I think she could have had a great future in film, had she lived.

Katrina liked laughter. Where she was, laughter also was. Laughter came easily to her, and she loved bringing it to others. No one could tell a story like she did, and there were many amusing stories that she would share with others.

Katrina was a woman of many names. She chose the name “Foxglove D. McLeod” while in school –the “D” stands for “Death” which she joked was her middle name. This is why she became the Death Card in the Young Witches Tarot.

But personally I will always remember her as Katrina. And I will always remember her. She touched me deeply with her myriad talents, her dogged determination, but above all her heart. There was nothing she did that not involve her whole heart, her entire focus of being. She was a most remarkable person.

Katrina had left the Museum and moved on to California, where she was part of a group who traveled around to help Pagans in need. Katrina and I still spoke frequently and were still working on collaborative projects. We last spoke just a few days ago, which all the more grateful for now, and in that conversation she spoke about being very happy with her new life and the directions it was taking her in. That is how I will always remember her, not as the omni-competent Museum Manager, nor as the gifted video artist, but as a passionate and idealistic young woman hurtling into a bright future that truly excited her. Her soul’s journeys will take her to a different future now than we spoke of that night, but one that I pray will be just as bright and as exciting to her in its own way.

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Sleep sweet, heal, and be reborn if it be thy will.

Solemn blessings, Foxglove.


May the Goddess embrace her soul and may she dance with the fairies in the summerlands!


I do not know who her Patron is but I can say,
May The Merciful Goddess Quan Yen , watch over her in her transition.

May the passing be gentle, may the next place be accepting of her Gifts.

So Mote it Be..

Blessings, Foxglove. May your travels be safe and wondrous.

When Mother calls us to her, we must go.
May her journey be smooth, and her stay in Sumerland, restful.
She is with the Ancestors now.

She did a great movie with us. as part of The Young Witches Project.

I feel fortunate that I was able to get the movie when it was released. Excellent effort Fox!

Rest in peace, return to our beloved Mother. Blessed be sister, blessed be your family and friends.

Rest in peace, Blessed Sister

Love and Light, Foxglove...

Deep peace of the running wave to you.
Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
Deep peace of the shining stars to you.
Deep peace of the infinite peace to you.

I wish her the best of journeys and may she be born again. She is a beautiful soul.

Silent Owl




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