Check out this link - it's to the Reuters story on the Koran burning in Afghanistan~~
I feel really sorry for the poor schmucks who botched the job, seeing as how 'damage control' led to an apology by the Secretary of Defense!!
How do you believe the Sacred Texts of a religion should be 'disposed of' in this type of situation??

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What, american soldiers are being cruel, insenstivie, xenophobics and general dickheads with the afgans?
Yeah, in other news, the sky looks blue.

yes I loaded this on FB this morning .. sorry for human error .. but I do think these people take human error way to serious , to kill others in a mob like setting .. its just unbelieveable ....

Yeah. No wonder why afgans hate americans. Sucks for the americna soldiers that are actually respectfull. They take the heat and deserve it not.

That's just terrible, gotta love the 'there was a breakdown in judgement but not in respect', lol I don't think they even know what respect is!

Personally, I think the Korans should have been turned over to a Mosque, or at least given free of charge to anyone who wanted them in the military. There ARE Muslims in the US military, after all~~ Why Korans were in the stuff from the library to be burned is the biggest question - and a clear 'lack of respect' would seem to apply here... As obviously the Koran was decided to be part of the 'extremist literature' that was being expunged from the library of the detention center, (even though Islam is a recognized religion by the US military, which has Islamic Chaplains). What happens when the 'Powers that be' of another base decide that Catholic literature or Buddhist or Wiccan literature is 'extremist'?? This is a VERY bad precedent, Folks!

I 'm not so sure it was a mistake, here in gainesville, fl there is a christian group called dove outreach. This church as started something called internationaldove burn koran day. I am wondering if this "accident" has anything to do with this activist holiday... This so called "church" has been kicked out of germany for teaching hate.  Just some background on it. 

Yes, Brandon, I read about the 'Preacher' involved as the mover and shaker of that group. He has also been declared persona non grata in the United Kingdom. He's such a nutcase that his Florida congregation has deserted him en masse, after his 'overseeing' of a burning of one Koran, which 30 people showed up to watch. The most recent article went on to say that Hezbollah has placed a bounty on his head of $240 million... ( which may be hearsay). If it is true, I suspect he will bother no one soon... He was quoted as stating that "His trust was in the Lord", but also admitted he goes everywhere armed with a handgun... Major nutcase/whacko/fringe, in my opinion! 'RRR' of the highest order!!!

Honestly, He really is. There were no problems till his wife either left him or passed away. His church is across the street from my house and I can honestly say, I would so love to just run him down. We have had to deal with police to keep protesters on both sides of the fence at bay and out of our neighborhood. I cannot wait to move because I just keep having the feeling that, if a bomb or something would come to the US that is where it would go.

You have my sympathy! Having a neighbor like that IS dangerous to you and yours!! If he can't be induced to move, then I don't blame you at all for considering it for you and your family!! Proximity may be actively dangerous, especially if, as you mentioned, in the case of a bomb attack...

MM Everyone,

Sometimes its really easy to read into things like this and to speculate on all kinds of different scenarios. I served in the military for a long time and I still do work for the Department of Defense as a civilian; nearly thirty years combined. What I have found is that when something like this happens, its usually just a dumb mistake made by someone who either wasn't sufficiently trained for the position they are in or that someone just misunderstood what it was they were supposed to be doing.

Most people, unless they have served for a considerable amount of time, would not know just how "politically correct" the military leadership really is. Sure, there have been some crazy and terrible crimes committed by service members serving over there, but every group and organization is going to have some jerks in their midst and those are going to be the ones that get all the attention.

Also, just keep in mind that though we have a lot of smart people serving in the military, not all of them are "rocket-scientists".

As far as the disposal goes, I would have shipped everything back to the states to be put into storage or just donated everything to a local mosque.

I agree whole-heartedly, Benefactus! There ARE a great many people with a lot of 'smarts' in our Department of Defense - That doesn't also, as you imply, guarantee there's much common sense~~
I read an interview from (purportedly) one of the Afghan men who was (purportedly) present and got burns on his hands 'rescuing' burning Korans - in it, he said that he was told that graffiti and seditious sayings had been scrawled in the Korans, and so they were thrown in the truck along with the rest of the 'garbage' from the libraries at the detention center. He said he and the others with him begged to be allowed to take the Korans, which had been heaved into the oven already, and the soldiers laughed and told him to go ahead. (As you said - insensitivity, probably due to incomplete or improper training.) The interview went on to say the he and the others grabbed what they could reach and beat out the flames, and when they were leaving, one of the soldiers said they shouldn't be allowed to leave, with their burns, as it could get them (the soldiers) into trouble...
An Afghan government official said that burning was one of the proper disposal methods for a Koran no linger useful, but a RESPECTFUL burning, such as is prescribed for the US flag when tattered and weatherworn. The official went on to state that if they had been notified that Korans were to be burned, and why, there would have been no problems with anything, because they could have assured the proper procedure was followed.
As you imply, simply a failure to communicate~~

I think they should just go back to their huts and smoke some more heroin. That's the difference between us and the book religions. We don't need a book.




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