Hello all a good friend of Mine informed me that Laurie Cabot may be closing her Store in Salem I think this is very sad if it is true.

For those of us that remember the "In search of" episode years ago long before the Internet,her presence was so brave and Amazing.

Anyway just asking if anyone else had heard this and what they may think. Here is the episode of the Amazing show "In search Of" Imagine watching it as a kid in the 1970's who was asking about being a witch before Internet.Hosted By Leonard Nimoy(Spok from Star Trek) In the intro there is some disturbance but it quickly goes away when the show starts please watch if you have never seen this.


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Any commercial venture that was viable for a new owner would be sold.

I'd say there were issues in trying to sell this business. It may also be that Salem has an oversupply of witchy stores now.

@sparrow while I agree it is sad that she is closing her store it is her choice to do so.

@rain perhaps not dont forget she is as much a part of that store as the store is to Salem. Her selling that store would be like the you losing an arm. Every aspect of it would be forced to change, and that may be the reason shes not selling it.

One thing to remember is that Laurie Cabot is nearly 80 years old. I can't find the story about her closing the store, but she's been at it awhile, and I imagine she wants to spend more time with her family.

Of course I understand if she desires to close for personal reasons I can not blame her for that.

Yes it is her choice I just thought maybe she may have Family members run the store.
But hey, it is her life and her choice I wish her well.

As a person who is less than 500 feet away from Cabot's Shoppe, it must be noted that this last Halloween was offal and it was a terrible blow to many businesses. What is not being discussed is how many shops in Salem are closing or moving. She chose to close because it is time, and if she sold it, as she has other shops. she would surrender a lot of legal identity. She wishes to keep that intact.

What factors do you think came into play to cause such a bad Halloween, Was it Turnout or just a bad Local economy.?

Three factors: One that there is a dominance of the market by the Festival of the Dead, and they are earning the lions share of Halloween on Essex street. With a advertising campaign into the area of $50,000 as well as free press, Christian Day has earned his position as Lord of Halloween, and his Salem Empire of Businesses are terrifically powerful.

As Salem Halloween season matures it is weakening because of more players, not just locally in Salem, but every town around is now creating situations for people to have Halloween. With a overall weakening of the economy and more choices, it makes business need to compete even harder.

The Third was the weather, we had over 9 inches of snow this Halloween Weekend in Salem, and parts had over 26 inches. Halloween Weekend accounts for 20% of most Halloween and Witch Business annual sales.

And the final thing, Laurie Cabot has served the community well, and deserves rest, and a store is a grinding thankless job.

Yes I agree She has served the Community Well.

I understand about the grind My father owned a small business, I was raised in a Small business Background.

In The Salem Newspaper it was reported she is indeed closing her shop on January 31st...said she was putting her focus on opening a Hermetic Temple....


She contributed so much to our community over the decades...yes decades she most likely is looking to retire. One reply listed here states she is 80 years old, wow, I cannot imagine still working a store and being 80. p>

I remember her as a kid, she started alot of things before the 70's and now she do what she wants, she is still around. I wouldnt complain because she was in her 80's now, wow..the stories she could tell. It was a bit ago that she announced this, surprising that not many people not knowing of this news..

May she have many blessings


Yes I think she is 78




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