I want to learn witchcraft 

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I'm surprised that no one has replied to you but with anything you should learn as much as you can! I went through a year and day of study before I officially called myself a witch and yes I have done spells both of which I made myself or have gotten from others.

Here are some recomended readings

-Scott Cunningham's "Wicca: A guide for the solitary practicioner", it is a green small book that will give you good insight in the theology behind witchcraft and electic paganism with Wiccan elements, but not wicca per se, it also describes how to practice the religion and perform some simple rituals. It also has a usefull girmorie.

-Raymond Buckland's Big blue: It's a large blue book wich containes a rather flawed history of wicca and witchcraft wich you should really ignore, but also has a step-by-step how to on how to perform magical and religious rituals. It is a good guideline for startes.

-"The book of shadows" by Mingene Gonzalez Wipler has very specific formulas on spellcasting, you can use them to give yourself an idea on how to perform the rituals.

And of cource, the courses at this site.

Authors you should avoid:
-Silver Ravenwolf
-Shawn Robbins
-Anything mainstream save for certian authors like scott or raymond.

Once you're done with thouse readings, you should start your practice.
-Contemplation of nature
This should last for a year and a half, before you actually get initiated in a coven, at least so is recomended.

Then you can start being a witch.

lol don't avoid silver ravenwolf, come on drakill we have had this discussion before.


i don't see anyone here with 52 covens under their belt. over 32 books, and for your info, was trained in gardnerian trad witch, so come on. Give advice that you actually know about not what others on the internet have wrote.

And you dont have to be initiated into a coven that doesn't make u a witch!

It's just a personal recomendation. Feel free to disagree.
I was actually giving the adivse found in the books i mentioned in the post, but i did mess up with the coven thing, one can be self-initiated.

I didn't realize the number of covens you have created and the books you've written makes you 'spiritual'.

I actually have a few of Ravenwolf's books, and I cherish the altar kit by her that my mother got me very much. I think her sense of magic is wonderful, and I love that she doesn't mind glitter and glam. But her Gardnerian lineage? Um...she records it as being passed down male-to-male (until it comes to her), which is very strange, and all the Gardnerians I've talked with say that isn't how they record their lineage. So...either she was misinformed by her teacher or misrepresenting herself.

A person can actually read her work and still find it very lacking, and it's good to give advice for and against books, ultimately leaving the 'verdict' to the other person.

Learning to meditate is good first step as is learning about energy . .
A few books that could be of some interest are listed below.I think they are good for those who are just starting out, as they are easy to read and follow but also cover enough to get you started and beyond.Learn at your own pace .It is always good to look in more than one or two places for info on anything and personal experience counts for alot.

Wicca For Beginners by Thea Sabin
Energy Essentials For Witches And Spell Casters by Mya Om
Making Magick And How It Works by Edain Mccoy
True Magick -A Beginners Guide by Amber K
Herb Magic for Beginners A Down To Earth Guide To Enchantments by Ellen Dugan
Solitary Wicca For Life The Complete Guide For Mastering The Craft On Your Own -Ann Murphy Hiscock

I am in no way saying these are the best and only books and or places to learn .This is a very short list of books that seem to work well for those who are just starting out and they cover alot .

I also think that to Ride a Silver Broomstick by Silver Ravenwolf is a very good starting book as it covers alot that over books didn't seem to touch on when it came out and still is good today .

And no you do not have to be in a coven it is not a requirement.

Again learn at your own pace and in your own time

Can I ask why? Are you looking for the spiritual side of things or just want to do magic? what lead you here?

Being a "real" witch isn't as glamorous as television shows like Secret Circle would have us believe.
If you want to cast spells, you don't need to be a witch or have any religion. Just cast the spell and call on your own power.
But if you call on the powers of nature, then you are a real witch. Even if your spells never work, you are a witch if you call on the powers of nature.

This is true by definition and nobody can tell you otherwise.

What do I mean by "call" nature?

Something like this.
By the powers of Air, Fire, Water and Earth
if you so call upon these then you are a witch.

The Air, the Fire, the Water, the Earth
return -- return -- return -- return
The Air, the Fire..

you got it right as usual john.




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