Hello everyone, I had already posted this but fear it was in the wrong section. So, I need a legal matter spell or ritual for a court case I have initiated against an hospital. The hearing will take place in a few days and the outcome will be decided sometimes between a fortnight and two months.

Please help. Thank you very much

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Merry Meet, Serendipity, I don't know of any spells right offhand, but I do know one thing -- get your hands on as many medical records as possible, including doctor invoices and lab results. These will help you in your case. I had to go through three attempts for Medicare (the last with an attorney), and I had all of my medical records from all of my doctors and hospitals from several years back. You may already have done this; you may need an attorney to get some of the records; I did. I hope that this helps you in some way, and I wish you good luck in your hearing. Many Blessings,

Thanks, anyone else ?
I once heard Raven Grimassi offer a legal spell but forgive me as I do not remember it.it was on you tube though.

It involved putting energy into something and wearing it in your shoe or jacket it does not (AS all good magic should not ) control anyone it influences them based on your confidence. Your ability to attrack like energy.
So Yeah sorry I do not have answer But Raven Grimassi is a far more powerful Wizzard than I.
Thanks Lark, I feel your ritual would work better with any criminal action, mine is just a civil action, there is no witnesses and no trial as such and no decision is taken on the spot.

There was an hearing a few weeks ago, but you see it is just a formality since everything is based on the written documents and evidence given, beforehand, to the Court and the parties, it is just a matter of persuading the judge who has the most convincing arguments. The hearing is usually very brief and everything you could said is not really taken into consideration, since the procedure is based on the written documents, but it help clarifying some points that the judge would have not really understood, that providing he had read the documents before the hearing which is usually not the case.

The matter is now awaiting the actual decision that will be made during one or two weeks following the hearing (so it could be anytime now).

I have practiced vizualisation everyday, since the day I knew the date of the Court hearing. It seems too late now to do the ritual you have indicated, but I keep it in mind should I have to appeal the decision.

In the meantime if anyone else had a spell or ritual that could apply while I am awaiting the decision

@Sparrow, thanks for this mention of Raven Grimassi, I have never heard of him, so I will check what I can find with Google, however if you have more information, I will be glad if you could share.
Thanks Lady Skydancer.
Do not know where I could get some rose petals at this time of the year, but it seems even easier than to get something from a judge especially when his/hers name is not made public before he/she delivered his/her decision ......
Anyway thank you, but it seems to be a funny ritual, nothing special to recite .... seems odd to me ....




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