So I have been asked to work on a Blog about the most memorable Pagans of 2011. Not the best leaders, or the ones who did the most, or etc. The ones who stick out most in people's minds for good or for ill. I have some in mind, but I would love to hear yours. No right answers and no wrong ones either, just what you think.


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Do they even have to be within the Correllian tradition? Are we talking pagans in general?

Anyone limits

Okay I'll start as no one else has!  The Pagans who stand out in my mind are the ones on this site as they have guided and influenced me in many ways.  First would be the advice fivers on this Forum, that's in particular Sparrow, he's a constant wealth of information and his radio show has provided much wisdom and entertainment, a valuable member of this community I believe.  Drakill also stands out with her blunt, matter-of-fact and extremely intelligent approach.  Phoenix Rising is so caring and understanding and I love the in-depth conversations she provides also is a wealth of information, of course there are many others (Moonjoy, Black Moon Hunter, Rachael Sue Rubin just to name a few) but the first three stand out personally to me for oh-so-helpful words and wisdoms.  Aside from the forum I'd have to say Rev Don, I think he is extremely valuable to the Pagan community in so many ways, even the way he talks and his voice have a almost soothing affect on me, I love his vblogs and he's helped me immensely to understand my lessons.  
I hope my list is of some help to you and while I have a chance I also want to thank you for this exceptional site and everyone on it.  Blessed Be!

Carolyn, thank you so much for the compliment and for supporting my show.

This forum is a blessing as is Witchschool as a whole.Bright Yule and beyond Blessings to you!!

Because of their influence in myriad ways, Peter Dybing and Patrick McCollum certainly have been of note this year.

I second Patrick McCollum

I second Peter Dybing and Pat McCollum, It was fairly impressive that a group of Pagans Raised 30 thousand dollars for Doctors Without Borders.

on the good side-rev. don for his vlog which i love, and christian day for his new book which is rather controversial
!on the ill side-kaye berry of the revived council of witches fiasco!




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