Maryann Kaufmann, works everyday without tiring, helps us with tons of administrative tasks, upgrades each and every member. Often neglected, forgotten and not even mentioned, Maryann is the Cinderella of Witch School. She helps Mentors, Staff, Students alike. She gets answers and helps people all hours day and night.

Check out her profile and say hi!

Or just say hi, and tell us your Maryann story. Let us tell her that we know she is here and we thank her for what she does for us.

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Thank You for being very helpful to me You are Appreciated!
I cannot get my little glitter rose picture to upload( no you do not have to try to fix this problem!)
If I were closer to you I would bring you a rose in person!
Sadiemoonchild, KaraLee
Greetings Maryanne!

Goddess Bless You! You do so many things and wear many hats. You are a beautiful person with a heart of gold. I am thankful to know you and call you friend.

Love and Light Always!

Rev.Christina Bearden

Thank you for everything you do for all of us here at WSI, Maryann! :-) It wouldn't be the same without you....

Many Blessings,
Hello Maryann,

you are such and wonder to us all, even my lil problem you fixed. I think you are a good person and loves to help with a open heart and mind.
Thank you
I have a string of 15 emails in which Maryann helped me with a technical problem on a course, a content question on another course,and advice regarding the frequency of practice on some meditations. All in one week. Maryann, you are a marvel!

Thank you so much.

Thanks to all for your kind words. I feel very special. Oh, and Sadiemoonchild, if you are trying to use an animated graphic for your profile picture, ning won't let you. Animated are allowed in text boxes and comments on pages, but not as a profile pic. Sorry, I coudn't help it, I had to answer you. Thanks again to everyone.
~Warmest Greetings Maryann,

Thank You, for being you. For answering all of our many questions, and for giving us the assistance we desperately need. You are immensely Appreciated! Bless you for being of such a generous, selfless, and amazing person. WSI wouldn't be the same without you.

~Brightest Blessings, & Much Love~Em




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