My greatest sorrow to all of you. I have to let you down, & walk away from the artical that I have working toward for the past 2 weeks. If you haven't been on in awhile, then here it all is one more time.


I was 1/2 asleep when I sent the 1st email into my local paper, & got an imeadiate responce, I was floored. We batted about a ritual picture for 2 emails, then I finally came up w/ an idea, how to make it happen on my short/nonexistant budget, I finally gave her a maybe(because Beltane ws coming up & I really needed a good excuse to buy the matierials, but told her no photo of me(personally), she came back today w/,

(Blank), I just got back in the office this morning; I only work Tuesday-Thursday. The plan for a ritual to photograph sounds good--However, we will need you to be in the photo for me to do a story... Let me know...
I replied w/,
I'm very sorry to hear that. I understand you have a job to get the whole story, and I was hoping we could come to a compromise, but no worries.  I have my safety, and family to consider. I would still like to do the story if you are ever able to do it with/out my picture, but till then (& I will still be happy to help if you ever need info/history on a Wiccan/Pagan Holiday or where to look for it) Bright Blessings and Merry Part
This is the picture I attached to the email.

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Aww that sucks! I know you really wanted to write that! Maybe you can try again another Sabbat and put me in the photo instead ;) lol
Sending ya some Alabama Goddess luuv,
Em )O(
I thank you, and I may try try again for Samhain. At least I know what kind of pic shes looking for, and yes, I would love to take you up on your offer. If you wish to be in the pic for her, it would my honor. Maybe, you and I can combine altar gear for the holiday. I am starting frm scratch, but we have plenty of time now. I could ask her if that would work for this Beltane, but I am actually glad the pressure is off for the moment. My whole home life was falling apart, because I was putting so much effort toward gathering my info, I was left no time for anything else. We'll get there Someday.
Well yeah, I am well out of the "Broom closet" and just from the town-next-door, so I really don't mind being photo'd if it comes down to that (and I do have boo-quoodles of ritual items since I've done groups and all for a few years plus my personal items) I'm sure we can make it work, together. - BUT - this is your thing so just whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it is fine by me. Just keep me posted and I'll be here! ;)

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♥)O(♥ The Newspaper Editor ~ If She Were A Professional & Had Any Intelligence At All ~ Would Have Contacted A Well~Known Long~Time Practicing Witch Or Wiccan High~Priestess With An Established Coven ~ Willing To Have Pictures Taken Of Their *Open Circles & Rituals!* ~~~ This Editor Was Very Dumb In Pressuring You! We Need Long~Time Practitioners Wise Witches To Represent & Speak About Wicca & Witchcraft In Articles & Formally To The Public! ~~~ It Would Be Very Easy For Them To Write The Articles & Provide Ritual Pictures & Information! I ~~~ I Don't Think You Have Even Started Your Year~And ~A~Day Yet! ~~~ The Editor Was Foolish Indeed! You Have Not Let Us Down By Declining To Do The Article! Its The Best Thing To Do! ♥)O(♥

♥Bountiful Blessed Bees!♥

♥)O(♥ ~~~ Magickal Hummingbyrd ~~~ ♥)O(♥




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