need information about demons,evil entities, etc. and how to deal with them

Merry Meet all!
I am doing some research about demons and evil entities and need some general information on them. like how they manifest what kind of effects on the environment they can have, what effects they can have on a human being, and lastly how they can be dealt with if in a human body. I do appreciate any help that anyone can offer.
thank-you and Blessed Be!

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I recommend first that no Witch Desire to call upon Dark entities or Evil Spirits.
I do understand However that some folks do not consider these entities to be necessarily Evil.

I had a Grandma who went crazy for being born of a thin Veil or What We as Correllians call being "Born Old"
, she was Naturally able to see things in the unseen world.
I would not mess with Demonic or Evil entities.

if you are exploring them it is not my place to Judge as it is your path.

My advice would be Shield and ground as often as is reasonable.
Even use the extra Physical grounding of Hematite or salt but Ground and Shield for messing with the Lower Vibrations can cause disease or Insanity I have seen this first hand.
Blessed Be and Focus on the Positive.
Merry Meet! I too have done some research on the "darker" sides of existence. What I've found is that, as you probably know, a Demon, is a supernatural being, not of human energy. This however doesn't mean that all Demons are "bad" or "'evil". Going by the above definition, a fairy is a Demon. However, just as there are "good" and "bad" humans, there are the same for Demons. One thing to understand is that there is no such thing as PURE evil or PURE goodness. It's impossible. Because think about it, if you had all negative energy----Goddess----then there would only be the IDEA of the creature. Then if you only had Positive energy----God----then you would only have the physical aspect, but no spirit...which is not possible in our universe. Rather there is a mix of light and dark, positive and negative, good and bad, up and down etc.
Thought I would explain that!
They can manifest in a number of ways, and not just physically. They can manifest via one or more of the five "clairs": Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairallience, clairombiance, and/or clairsentience. Sight sound taste smell and feeling respectively. In a Seance setting one would do best to look for signs of presence in all of these "clairs". They manifest with energy, as does everything. "lower vibration beings" (those are your negative/"evil" demons) exist on a frequency which is physical...but just...MORE physical than what we live on. In order to manifest one (which I forbid any sane Witch to do) you need merely raise the vibration. I won't say how for safety reasons. But really the reason they manifest is because of high vibration energy being lowered to a point where their energy can meet and conjoin with it creating a "neutral" zone where we can sense them with either the 5 clairs or our 5 immediate senses. This lowering of high energy is why we often detect cold spots around areas with high activity. The reason we know it's high activity, is because we can sense it, and the reason we can sense it is because of the vibration conjoining.
Usually this manifestation requires some external input like from a human or other being. But not always, and this is what you need to look out for! If you notice activity happening without your inducing it, or just strange things of a paranormal nature occurring, then what you need to do is go to the area with the activity(yourself being under immense protection of course)and raise the falling vibrations to an ultra high frequency, just at the edge of your energetic reach. Sonce the "Demon" Is of a lower vibration than you, your highest reach will already be much higher than ITS reach. Now you need to make sure it can't just get more enrgy to bring down to itself: You've stopped it in its tracks, now prevent it from continuing: raise all the vibration in the area (which may be a house, park, building etc.). You could do this with the help of stones, crystals, herbs, floorwashes, insense etc. But don't forget to use your own effort to. Never rely on just the material trappings. Once that is done, purify the area, and make a guard so as to prevent anything else from getting back in. You could make a metaphysical gate (I have one outside my house), or get an animal archetyhpe such as the Wolf to patrol the area etc.

The affects on the PHYSICAL environment are USUALLY minimal: cold spots, and weird noises. But with Deomns that have connected themselves to our world's vibration, you get poltergeist activity, which is rare considering, most demons don't have the know how nor strength to link their vibrations with our world, but if you come across one that has, look out. On the POTENTIAL environment however, they can affect us much more easily. They can, rather than make PHYSICAL things happen, make things come to be. Such as put one into a bad mood, create an argument and/or fight etc. If in a human body basically do the same procedure as I wrote above, accept this time on a person. Usually you would want extra help though, because when a Demon takes someone's body, they REALLY wanted it: it's harder to override a soul than it is to merely invisibly manifest. And they won't give it up easily. At this point the infamous "Bargain" is usually used. But don't worry, often times you can make friends with the being and work together for the good. Usually the reason they wanted the body in the first place was to experience our realm first hand, so make a compromise such as "if/when you leave this person, I will treat you as one of my family. I will feed you and give you a room, and acknowledge you and your needs daily, as I understand your wish to experience human life." However only do this if your sure the reason for possession was to experience human life! Otherwise order it out and ban it from having contact with anyone of our world again by using a VERY powerful binding spell.
Hope it helped!

I do agree with you Thodwen when you say they may not all be bad or evil, My non-judgmental or No-moral warning though is as follows: These beings Vibrate at a low level (to put it in short) They have their own agendas and their own value systems,They are not to concerned with what you value, this can make them potentially Dangerous.
Now for a very Confident High Level Witch this may be a non-issue but again Ground and Shield.

And good luck on your Journey.
thank-you it has helped especially since i am doing this research for my own knowledge and to try to help pass it on too. i would never entertain using the dark arts to summon demons ...heck no. its too dangerous and the consequences are way out there. thank-you for the help i do appreciate it. Blessed Be!
We've got to make several distinctions here in order to understand what a demon and a devil is.

One meaning of "demon" is a poetical personification of something that hurts someone. A disease in the form of an animal with a human face would be an example. These things have reality within the world of dreams and imaginings.

A "demon" can also be a personification of someone's behavioral abnormality. It is important to make a distinction between someone with a history of mental illness and someone affected by something below.

A "demon" or a "devil" could be a spirit of a person who died and is connected to nature or a house. Spirits are not completely good or completely evil. No creature is. They still have free will. But some spirits are confused and in pain and desire to confuse you and put you in pain because that's what beings do when they become negative.

Dealing with personified demons is as simple as trying to understand what they mean and what they are trying to tell you in dreams.

Dealing with mental illness demons is as simple as getting people psychological help.

Dealing with spiritual demons isn't simple. Learning how to construct a spiritual shield for yourself and then the person affected is a good start. But have a look at "Drag Me To Hell" the movie for more details about this. It gets complicated.

I have personal experience with demons and I have actually been almost possessed.

I was experimenting with Ouija contacting spirits in order to strengthen my spiritual powers. I contacted a spirit named Joshua who had sons also with religious names. It turned out that they had died in the area where I was and the father began to explain his story. One thing led to another and then I felt a cold hand grab the base of my spine and drag me around like a rag doll. I was in complete conscious control of everything but my movement. I pushed out the spirit and began some blocking visualizations.

I don't regret that experience. I learned a lot from it. I still contact and work with spirits to this day and I have developed some needed subconscious skills.
Do you Still use a Ouija Board John? I am curious?
I will do other forms of divining but I stay away from Ouija Boards I mentioned it on the Pagan radio show one night.

I think one CAN properly use the Ouija board but the negativity put into my mind about it is just so deeply ingrained into me. And not by Christians but by my Old Solitary Witchy teacher who repeatedly told me to stay away from it, and me being very young then the impression is still there.
However I do desire to progress beyond this eventually.
I no longer need a Ouija. I can talk with spirits without it now.
That is Interesting, My focus now is I wish not so much for Divining or spirit talking I wish to focus on healing techniques for self healing.
Wow! Scary. I've once induced a self posession, but not a devil. It was for my own reasons, but turned out it wasn't such a good idea. My friend's mum had a metaphysics shop and every week they had psychic meetings. Long story short, they detected it and exorcised me. I didn't exactly feel that it was in me, but my perspective on the world I noticed changed a lot for those two days. Still having the confidence to experiment is amzing after what happened to you! As I'll always say: don't call up what you can't put down! Be safe guys!
Blessed be all!
I played with ouija before when I was in high school and I didn’t experience anything at all even the conversation i had with the spirits didn’t make sense to me. I played it in my house three times the same thing happened. My mom can see these beings so one day when things got ugly for her she told me of the odd things that were happening. I told her and I said I was sorry that I didn’t know that would have happened and I properly apologies but that was not enough. Things stared to occur in my house I was hospitalized two times in a month for no reason then my mom’s car got damaged we didn’t have money there were bad times for us and our house was full of tension and stress. Then the paranormal activity got bad to. We called some friends to pray with us (that time we weren’t in Wicca religion) and in those moments we heard screams and I was petrified in my chair I couldn’t move and my mom screamed she felt as something had pulled away from her. Then in those moments one of the ladies stated to tear things from the walls of our house and we send them away from our house. Things got worse with the paranormal activity I started to see things and have nightmares after this I stated to sleep with my mom and my sister in the same room. One day they came into the room it was like a loud sound all over the room after this we went to sleep and in my dreams I could see them there were three of them a child, female and something with no form. In the dream we were in the room I was at and my mom and sister were in the bed just like in real life the they were there, in those moments I felt like a lion I felt energy all around me and I was roaring at the to get out and live us I got them to the kitchen of our house they were fighting there specially the deformed thing and finally I got them out. When I woke up from the dream I felt really tired as if I was running all night. After that they haven’t bother us again until know. I saw one of them it was walking towards me and fading at the same time it was very shocking for me them the paranormal activity started dishes started to move and sounds all over the kitchen, then I tried sending it away after a while everything calmed down and the mood was back to normal.
The reason I tell you this story is because they are still coming at us, how could I get rid of them for good? What should I do?
I think there coming again because my family under a lot of stress because we are moving and is kind of a big move for us and actually scary for all of us, and I think this event and emotions is perhaps are braking the barrier I had for them. I don’t really know I am just saying this as how I feel them and put them to reason if you could help me understand it a little better I would appreciate it.
Ok, Keep in mind that these energies or Beings are out of line but ungrounded use of this tool, The Ouija was used I am assuming.
I would do a cleansing of your house, there are Many techniques, do a cleansing Ritual You can learn of ones here at Witch school, I would as well make some Holy Water to throw around the place.

Be assertive when you do this It is not "Hey can you guys please Leave".
It is "This is my place ,My life I have a right to live it without negative enrgies interfering with it. I CAST YOU OUT SO MOTE IT BE,

You deserve to be left alone to your own destiny.

As for specific techniques There are different ones. Different Cleanings some use incense, Sage, Holy Water etc.. Maybe even find folks to join you in it if you can.

Good Luck I have family history with this Myself-Blessed Be

PS- Sometimes the change of Moving does stir up "Paranormal Activity"
Thank you very much.




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