I really need your help. I do not know where to go. I need to know what this symbol stands for. I know I have seen this or something similar to it somewhere but I cannot find it. 

I resived it from my god Thor when I meditated during a ritual and he told me to use it as I wanted to. But since I do not know what it stands for I want to wait before I use it. 

Do any of you recognize it and could tell me something about it?

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Now that you mention it, if the triangles where close enough it would form a symbol tipically used to describe that Hermetic axiom, so it's a good bet.

Also reminds me of the compass and ruler of masonry, wich represent the unity of heaven and earth. Although they are separated, so there is no unity, and that black circle in the middle puzzles me.


Could it be the exact thing you are experiencing right now? Could it mean, Confusion? Think about it, two arrows, pointing in two opposing directions, with what in the middle? A black dot. What does Black represent? Wisdom, guidance, protection, experience, the yet unknown. So in this case black could be seen to mean "the yet unknown". In total this symbol could be seen to show, an uncertainty or unknowingness as to which directon you are to go. Hope this helps! Blessed Be!
-Thodwen )O(

BB , if I had to take a guess off the top of my head I would say that it looks very much like that of ing with the dot making it final, permanent / meaning, completion / conclusion . even as above so below .

It looks like some renderings of the"Ingwaz" rune. There are many interpretations, if thta is what it is. The system which I use sees this rune as "The sudden release of stored power . . . "

The circle in the center, though . . . . I haven't seen that on Ingwaz before. But it's funny that I see this here after drawing Ingwaz on my hand last night.


um its the thieves guild in Skyrim but what else it is I'm not sure .... would be interesting to find out more about it ...

It could be an original symbol between you and your patron.

That I see as the most likely answer personally!

look at the blade and the chalice - male and female creation - my bf and i would suggest it as a fertility symbol - keep in mind that Thor was not only known as the god of thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind, and also hallowing, healing... he was also god of FERTILITY

My son plays a game, it's a newer version of the Elder Scrolls series called Skyrim. If the circle was open, not shaded, and the up and down arrows were touching and snug to the circle, it would be just like a guild symbol from that game. Past that perhaps a mix of runes or a personal sigel of some sort comes to mind.

It is an eye.
It is a waxing moon, and waning moon, as well as a new moon.
It is the run Inguz and Jera.
But ultimately, this has only meaning to you and your God.
You sure it is Thor?




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