Official News: Anna Rowe becomes President OF WSI, Acceptance letter

To The Board of Directors, Shareholders, and Members of Witch School,

Towards the end of January Ed Hubbard CEO of Witchschool asked me to consider the position of President of Witchschool. Ed has said that he has faith and trust in me to do the job so therefore I accepted.

I have an extensive knowledge of how Witchschool works from the bottom up as I have been a member of Witchschool since it was originally just the Daily Spell going out via email.

Witchschool has been a major part of my life since it started. I had completed the
1st Degree by the time the Witchschool system was underway and took the Second and Third Degree of Correllian Wicca and a number of other courses through the system

I have been a Mentor since 2002 so I know how the Mentoring system works and can help and guide students through their courses. I have trained and continue to train new Mentors and I also am Head of School for Europe and the UK.

I have seen Witchschool grow into the fantastic and huge school that it is today and I hope to continue to be here for a long time to come.

I hope that every member of Witchschool will support me in our continued effort to provide anyone, anytime, anyplace with a Magical, Pagan and Wiccan Education. Witchschool is a valuable and growing aspect of the Pagan and Wiccan community and we are open to anyone who wishes to become a member and participate in our peer to peer learning.

I am always available for anyone who would like to contact me regarding anything to do with witchschool.

In closing I would like to thank Ed Hubbard for having faith in me and asking me to take on this extremely important role as President of Witchschool International. I hope with the help of everyone the staff, the Mentors, the students and members of Witchschool I will be able to continue to help make Witchschool expand further into the Pagan and Wiccan community and be even more successful in the years to come.

Rev. Anna Rowe HP

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Let me be the very first to Congratulate you and Thank you for taking on this difficult but rewarding position and task. This will also allow Witch School to benefit from your journey through the system. It shows us, that in ten years, we cna change the world, and that Witch School can develop global Pagan leadership. I believe that you have quite a task ahead, and I expect that you will be greatly supported.
Congrats & Looking fwd to your wisdom =)


Merry Meet and Congratulations on your new post, Reverend Anna. I hope that a bright future lies ahead for us all under your tutorage and guidance. Many Blessings,

Congratulations, Anna!!
Congratulations Rev. Rowe. I look forward to working with you as I progress.
Congratulations, Anna! You helped me at times and was good to me....what a great thing now to see..

Rev LadyOwl (RuthAnnaJ)
blessed be
Oh, how I am happy for you, Rev. Rowe! Congratulation !
Blessed Be !
congratulations Lady Anna!
i'm so happy for you.

be blessed
Thank you everyone for your congratulations.

With your support I know we can go far.
Please feel free to contact me at any time if you need help or questions answered, I will always do
my best for everyone.

Thanks for all that you do. Congratulations. I know you will do well.




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