A new feature we finished abit ago is our "Open class" Feature. The aim of this program is to
allow students/teacher everyone really to share their knowledge with each other easily.

While a few classes have been finished and many more started I am thinking about running a contest
to drum up some more interest.

If i was to run a contest what type of prizes would make you want to participate?

A few classes i am finishin up are to give you some ideas about classes you might want to add.
Flame meditation
Basic blacksmithing
Chocolate truffles
USB throwie
Wand carving.

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I think this is a great idea! I'm currently working on a language class, and am not sure as to how long the class will be, but quite long, it is a language after all, and I'd be ecstatic if I could teach even one to speak!

As for prizes, hmmmm, not too sure, maybe a free Witchschool t-shirt or mug? I think peopl would appreciate that!

That's my input!

-Thodwen )O(
Blessed Be!

That does sound interesting. What language?

first prize could be rev dons complete book collection (that he has written).

that would definately get everyone's attention -- great idea Jannette

Thought about having him sign it and do a leather binding for it so a full leather tome with signature.

That sounds like an awesome prize!

Any basic supplies could be good i guess... 4 inch tapers, essential oils, herbs, ritual bath bags filled with scented goodness... maybe a blank BOS?

and it would be awesome if Rev. Don would bless and consecrate the prize (candles, oils, etc,)

candle holder sets, shaped cadles (bast, male, female pyramid etc), long burning candles (like long burning hours), diety statues, gem stone sets,

I agree with Raven Wynn and Jannette...anything that can be used in ritaul or devotion rites. (candles, deity statues, crystals, etc)


Wow, I like all of your guys' ideas waaay more! lol




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