hello! i am interested in starting a pagan club at my school, and i want to include all the pagan religions (which doesnt include satanism, some people define it as a pagan religion). so i was wondering what the structure would be like. would it be more wiccan based? would it not? would celebrating the wiccan sabbats be ok for the other pagan religions? would it not be ok? would the president(s) act as the priest/priestess(es)? would there be clergy for every belief system, if there was clergy? if sabbats are celebrated would the other holidays be celebrated too? would esbats be celebrated? could magick be worked?

so basically im just looking for ideas and advice from y'all. any second opinion would be GREATLY appreciated! BB

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Look for smiliarities in pagan religions. most are nature religions and celebrate the soltices. That's a good meeting point to celebrate something without needing to put a religion over another.
Here are a few ideas if you don't mind. First worry less about structure and celebrating sabbats and concentrate more on having a positive impact on the community. If your doing a pagan club at your school you will have to have a teacher or administrator back you so concentrate more on educating the school and community about pagans in general. Most of the participants will be too young to be a priest/priestess in their own religion so don't worry so much about that. You can have classes on what the different Holy Days for different religions mean to them. In this way it could also include how many of the Christian religions Holy Days are based on the Sabbats. I would say don't prevent the Christians or Jewish persons interested from coming, perhaps make it less pagan and more SPIRITUAL. Foster the cooperation and learning of all religious groups and their tolerance and love of each other. keep in mind its all just suggestions, feel free to take or leave any of this.
I appreciate your comment, however this isn't what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a place where pagans can find community, and feel most comfortable expressing their beliefs. 




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