Post about yourself. Your interests, likes, dislikes, wants in a person, age, gender, and well just what you are looking for in a relationship. Are you playing the field? Are you looking for serious commitment? Just about who you are. Now let's keep it clean. Dating sites cost lots of money. But this is a different forum. You may meet the one you were meant to be with now.

May you find what your looking for.


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im 21 male 1st degree, looking at possiblitys, libra pm me to talk
Im 23 Male looking for a real relasonship im still on my first degree.
Hi there I am 38 years old seperated awaiting divorce.I am a very public wiccan/pagan. I spend long hours on the web networking.I go to many gatherings.I am a one person woman.I am looking for someone who is confident,devoted,not insecure,nor jealous at all.I have thousands of friends both male and female.Devotion to the Correllian Path is preferred. Age is no issue but fidelity is a must.The person must be able to embrace a very independent woman.I have a lot to offer in a relationship.I seek an individual who is not intimidated by a activist for the community we witches live in. A dream brought me to start this discussion.Now manifesting what should be is key to my destiny. Christina aka Aphrodite
good day! im 16... female.. i want a guy who's pretty honest,positive thinker, simple and loyal... someone who can love me for who i am. they says im sweet, caring, thoughtful and loving... i want someone who can talk to... thats all... blessed be!
Blessings and thank you for participating in the discussion topic. May true love come your way and protection from deceivers.To those that respond to this beautiful soul be of good and pure intentions. SMIB
I am a 47 year old Scorpio, new to Correllianism but not new to the Old Religion. I am interested in finding a mate, but I have had a couple of rough relationships the past couple three years and would like to take time to get to know someone a little while before jumping into anything. I am a good listener and have a great sense of humor. I try very hard not to hurt other people and am a good friend. I am pretty secure and have worked long and hard not to be jealous. Anyway, if anybody wants to know more about me, just ask.
Merry Meet! Im 38 ...Solitary Eclectic Wytch...Im out of the Broom closet and want a man that is also...I love my path and want a man that loves and lives his openly also. Im a Leo, and I think I do better with other fire signs...but am intending to find a wonderful man to share my life with who is a one-woman man and a perfect energy match for me. Im a pagan artist and would like to find a man who shares same enjoyment of creativity. Anything else, please do ask...Brightest Blessings to everyone!
I'm 36 and out of the broom closet. I live in Australia but am looking to meet someone who is on an electic path as myself. Friends don't always understand my path and I would like to meet someone who does.
Hi my name is sir Dennis Audley Davenport I would like to say is this I am a good person and I am a good witch I like to do like good and I love to cook and bake and i love the out the door what looking for is this She is neither pink nor pale and she never will be be all mine she learned her hands infairy-tale and her mouth ona valentine she has more hair then she needs in the sun tis a woe to me and her voice is a string of colored beads or steps leading into the sea she love me all that she can and her ways to my ways nesign But she not make for any man and she never will be all mine well my email is MY Home 216 W Phoenix Ave Flagstaff,Arizona,86001
Very nice thread - good luck to all of you finding love and happiness.




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