"Nothing does more to empower us and further our psychic and spiritual growth than knowledge of self, yet it is often the case that few things terrify us more, because in knowing ourselves we must in time confront and heal every weakness, every regret, every psychic wound which we have suffered and most of us would rather bury these. This path of self-knowledge is the very heart of true Wicca..." Chapter 5 Witch School 1st Degree.

Through intense research and personal experience, I believe this simple statement is the most fundamental and profound concept in Witch School.

How do we begin the solitary journey within? I initiated my own journey at Full Blue Moon December 31st, 2009. After getting the idea from reading several books, I was searching for my 'authentic' self.' From my reading I had figured that this process involved surfacing my shadows helping to balance my inner masculine and inner feminine, leading to communication with my higher Soul/Self and awakening my authentic self. All of this in order to raise my personal vibration to eventually reunite with the Divine Essence. Which, I had read is the ultimate goal of all life.

Of course, being the researcher that I am, I tried to find a written guide to show me how to do all this, but couldn't find one so I ended up coming up with what I hoped was a method to facilitate this 'hero's quest.' (Much later I found that Carl Jung had written extensively on this.)

I already knew the power of meditation and ritual worked in lunar and solar rhythm. Armed with this knowledge and deep desire, working with Full Blue Moon energy I wrote a ritual dedicating myself to this awesome task. Most importantly, I MEDITATED every day which I know is the KEY to all magic. And, I consider this journey a magical one.

This journey coincided with my Witch School 1st degree classes. The information and exercises were very beneficial to my awakening as well as my devotion to and adoration of the Sacred Feminine aspect of the Divine. Yet, I was to find out through surfacing my shadows that I was way out of balance spiritually because of my animosity towards the patriarchy (men) over the treatment of women and the Sacred Feminine throughout Judaeo/Christian his/story.

Just what are shadows? From what I read they are parts of your personality that you repress in order to 'fit' peacefully into society. Consciously, I was thinking it must be horrible things I had done in the past but, couldn't relate because I haven't done anything really horrible. I came to realize that shadows are how you hide/repress your own true feelings in order to be considered a good girl or boy and get along. Shadows are also hurts you have done to yourself and others or that have been done to you by others. Many of my shadows had to do with my Christian upbringing, trying to fit into a Christian oriented society that I innately knew was not based on spiritual truth.

Over the year of 2010, through living in congruence with the Sacred Wheel, daily meditation and many self-written and directed solitary rituals, I was able to surface many shadows and understand inner balance. Which is truly a never ending endeavor and lifelong goal.

I'm sharing all of this with you because celestially the year 2012 is supposed to open human consciousness and make this the easiest time for the inner journey to self-knowledge. If you choose to embark on this hero's quest, so called because this is the journey cronicled in all mythologh, I'll share some pointers:

Meditation is the KEY. Make it a priority. My daily meditation was and still is just doing the chakra exercises from Witch School and then trying to quiet my mind for a few minutes after each exercise. I also do guided meditations with my totem animal spirits as guides.

Keep a daily dream/synchronicity journal. Write all dreams down and research their meanings. Also, share them with others to get different perspectives. It sometimes takes weeks for a dream message to make sense. It was going back over months of dream journal entries that I noticed a pattern in certain dreams and realized they wer revealing how my shadows were surfacing. Also, when one devotes oneself to this quest it opens up psychic communications and synchronicities happen at an accelerated pace.

Once they know you have the desire, guides are very eager to communicate. Dreams are one way to communicate with your higher Soul/Self and other guides. I also found tarot to be an uncanny form of communication with higher realms. Use whatever method suits you best. These communications are helpful and comforting.

Be completely honest with yourself. At one point I realized I had worn so many masks to please other people that I doubted there was an 'authentic' self anywhere in here. Also, let go. Surface an old wound then try to figure out where the perpetrator (either you or someone else) was working from and then FORGIVE and move forward. The book, " A New Earth," by Eckhart Tolle is very good to help with this.

Research Carl Jung. His individuation process is another method for the journey.

That's all I can think of for now. Just know, this never-ending journey is a most magnificient one and will truly change your life! Blessed Be!!!

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♥)O(♥ ♣♣♣ Greetings & Bright Blessings Gaia'l Selvig... Its Such A JOY To Me Whenever I SEE Anyone With Real WIZDOM & You Have It & You Are Always Unfolding More Of It!!! ♥ Yes! ... Daily Deep Meditation Is The Most Important!!! ♣♣♣ ♥)O(♥

Thank you

Thank you , as this is something i want to do vary much . I am going to research the books and do the meditation and dream work . Once again , thank you & blessed be .

Thank you for your kind words. It is a very rewarding journey. Communication with my Guides actually began back in 2004, mostly through dreams. These communications are the most joyous experiences. Good Luck on your own personal Journey to Self. Blessed Be!!!

Excellent post. Thank you. So much to do and learn, so little time.

That is exactly how I feel Michael. Sometimes I look at all the time I have wasted by being sucked right into the drama of the every day mundane world, and it sickens me. My goal now is to forge along the path and never look back. The path is rocky at best sometimes, but I have never felt better.

Many Blessing to you.




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