Phoenix Rising and I have been discussing how the part of the Wiccan Rede, "An' it harm none, do what you will," should be taken.

I admit, I have some reservations about it, which is one reason why it's a good thing to talk about it.

I'm coming from the position of being jaded and holding onto a lot of pain stemming from domestic violence and abuse, so from where I'm standing, it doesn't seem very realistic. I don't think that it's a good idea to just go around harming anyone and everything willy-nilly or even "just because I can", but I do believe that there is a time and a place for everything and that includes curses, violence, etc. I'm also influenced a lot by the antique world, where things were much different than they are today, and often times much more brutal. I have a hard time seeing Justice as a powerful force in the world - not because I don't believe in it, but because bad things happen to good people while bad people don't seem to get what they deserve. So it's hard for me to really believe in the Threefold Law, too. I notice a lot of horrible things in the world, even if I'm not the one experiencing them, and it seems to me like the universe itself is an incredibly hostile place and the only way to protect myself and my loved ones is to be willing to use violence if necessary.

How do you interpret the Rede, specifically that part of it? Do you believe that it's possible to go through life without harming anyone through your actions, or do you believe that it's strictly a guideline of not acting maliciously?

Edit: After discussing it, I agree with the spirit of it.

Edit 2: Closed because everything that can be said has been, it seems.

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I have been thinking on this for some time, there is only one law or rule in wicca, and it is "an it harm none do what ye will"

So if you have to question it, and want to take it out, then are u really wiccan? If it does not resonate with you, then maybe just say you are pagan, or I am a witch and practice witchcraft.

The rede is what wicca is, and if we cannot or don't want to follow it then we really aren't wiccan.

It is the core tenant of wicca, what is was built on.

The whole premise of our belief system is based on living in harmony with all things that exist. This includes, but is not limited to the earth, trees, rivers, lakes, oceans, air, and all of earth's creatures, as well as other people without regard to race, color, religion, or sexual orientation.

My interpretation of the Rede tells me that the creative force of the universe has given me an inner voice, or "conscience," which tells me what is right or wrong. It is also this consciousness that connects me to the creator. By listening to this inner voice, (Perhaps I should clarify here. No I do not hear voices, *smile* it is more like something I feel) I try to analyze my impulses and feelings to ensure they are not driven by greed, lust, envy, prejudice or anger. If they are, I try to put them in perspective or discard them all together. I then use common sense and judgment in my actions and accept full responsibility for them. This is not always easy to do, but I try. By keeping these ideals of right and wrong foremost in my mind, as well as seeking to obtain harmony and balance with nature and all living things, I am able to do my best at following the Rede as I go through my day.

but if we can't define it, then how can we follow it? This is probably a no-win situation:(

Some days i question if i am really wiccan, we are all human, and every one of us has bad off days were we aren't connected to anything and just a big grouch.

But i try to be.

I think what i am trying to say is why do we feel the need to identify with wicca and call ourselves wiccan, if we disagree or question the rede.

If we are questioning it, we are admitting it is impossible to live by, because in some way throughout the day we are "harming" some other form of life whether intentional or by accident. I walked across my lawn today to put the trash out, how many insects did i step on during the way to my garbage cans? This could go on and on, if we think about our day and are interactions with people and the environment.

ROTFLMSAO!!!! People, people! Stop THINKING so much and just start FEELING!! You're beginning to sound like Christians, debating who is REALLY a Christian, and why? Wicca HAS NO DOGMA!! The REDE is just ADVICE! Our interpretations thereof are absolutely personal, and do NOT define who is Wiccan or what Wicca IS! An individual Coven or Tradition may require loyalty to the Rede, but everyone has the CHIOCE of belonging to that Coven or Tradition. Many Wiccans, but not all, believe the Rede is a statement of their beliefs. It's a big world, Folks, and we are all absolutely FREE to decide for ourselves. We are Wiccan if we claim the title/label, and that is the ONLY criteria for being Wiccan~~
Brightest Blessings, Brothers and Sisters!~~Phoenix

If anyone is frustrated with me, you're perfectly free to yell at me - LOL! I have broad shoulders, and a think hide, and I don't hold grudges - LOL! I just think nit-picking and suggestions of who is or isn't Wiccan isn't in anyone's best interests~~ The Goddess enjoins us to practice JOY as Her highest rite, and this doesn't seem to be joyful any more~~

LOL!! Yes, Black Moon's Hunter - I do admit it!! Mea Culpa - LOL! But it has begun to get personal in a destructive direction, so I'm done here too, I think. I too see nothing 'new' coming out~ Have a great day!!

my god you guys , it is just conversation, boring sunday, lol, it seems here lately every topic is just being beaten to death , any body got a new ideas, we could beat to death? LOL

LOL!! Good idea, Rachael!




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