For years, we have been trying to figure out what in the world people would like to purchase in an online metaphysical and spiritual store. We, at the cauldron, are curious to find out what your opinion is. What are the main things that you purchase, and are there things that you cannot find or would like to find in these stores? You let us know.

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I have actually bought tons of stuff online, but what i have trouble finding is good wall art with the Gods/ess. I have several but theay are a rare find since most are 8x10 at the largest. Obscure books make me spend my money also :)

I am working on stuff like that, but what types of things specifically would you be looking for? What kind of artwork? What medium, if you know of it? Things like that. Let me know. Check out the site too, and make some suggestions.

I try to support my local Pagan shop - we only have one, and I know they don't make a ton of money, so I shop there whenever I can. If they don't have what I want/need, they can always order it for me. The one thing that would lure me to an online shop (and sometimes still does) would be a unique, handmade item - something I haven't seen in every other online pagan shop (there's so many).

You should see what we have to offer from our website. We make custom wands and staffs atm, but there are going to be more things coming in the months ahead.




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