Merry Meet brothers and sisters. I was just wondering what everyone is planning to do to celebrate Samhain?
Blessed Be, Merry Part

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Hello Everyone! Planning on a small fire in my firepit with warmed mulled cider.Haven't decided on which spell and recipe I'll be using.I hope to enjoy this time with parents and grandparents as well as ancestors and guides.Blessed Be!
Sounds like a great idea. I will be doing similar things. I have prepared an alter for my loved ones who have already entered into the Summerland. We will also be performing a Samhain ritual. Maybe also some spirit communication work. Good luck to everyone who is doing Samhain workings, I hope they all turn out great and that you all have a wonderful experince. Blessed Be!
Sorry to hear that your back is bothering you. Best wishes. I will not be passing out candy this. I recently moved and we dont get many trick or treaters out my way. :(
Well, I have written a ritual and am hoping to conduct it my shed, which is actually my sacred space. I will of course have cakes and ale, but this year is a special one as my Grandmother passed this year back in April. There are many things left unsaid by not only me, but the family as well. We all miss her so letters will be read and I hope to communicate about a few things with her. After that, the ritual will end. This is going to be a special Samhain.
Kaban I am deeply sorry to hear of you loss. I do agree with you, Samhain shall be a perfect time for you and your family to get your feelings out. It is all part of healing. Again my deepest sympathy you and your family. Good luck with everything. I will keep you in my prayers.
Thank you very much :) In all honesty I am really looking forward to it this year as I hadn't seen her in two years and got the "You need to come now phone call." There were many things that I didn't get to say, yet I know she was there as I saw her at the memorial. This will indeed be a special Samhain!
Well on the 31st in the evening we will be performing a Handfasting for a friend. On Nov. 1st we have people coming over for our Pagan Monthly Social. We will do a small Ritual with them. Other than that we will have a small family Ritual just us and our children.
What a great honor to perform a handfasting for someone. I look to become ordained so that I myself may perform Handfastings. Have fun at your social and with your family
I always get into cooking the seasonal foods including, of course cakes and blackberry wine or Mead. I always include on my Samhain alter, pics or memorabilia of dearest friends and family who have crossed over. I plan to do a little rune-casting and a personal ritual of releasing things which no longer serve me well and taking on positive plans for the year ahead. This includes cleansing my home as well as mind and spirit. I love this time of the year and I enjoy the spirit of Samhain throughout the month in many ways.
This is a good discussion. I'm enjoying seeing what others are doing.
Love and light to all.




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