I am getting really fed up with the amount of SPAM email I am receiving via my Witchschool account. This is the latest one -


my name is miss rose
i saw your profile here today and i
became lntreseted
to have a Reletionship
with you please i wil like
you to send me an email to my
email address

If it continues I will be shutting down. Is anyone addressing this issue?



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I'm getting them too ...Very irritating!
me too I'm getting that one. its so annoying
I have had it too. It asked for my regular email. I have recently had to get a new email because someone decided that they wanted my email more than me and basically took it from me. Because of this, I have become a bit more leary on giving that out. It's very irritating indeed.
This person is spamming sites all over the internet. She has already been removed from our site... again. We have repeatedly removed her, but since yahoo and other sites allow her unlimited email accounts she just keeps returning. It is not ning that should ban her IP address it is yahoo. I have reported her to the abuse email at yahoo, but they are stonewalling me, asking me to send an email for each email address this woman is using. If you want to report her to yahoo, you can send an email to abuse@yahoo.com with her email address that she used in her message to you. I am sure they are ignoring me because they don't want to be held accountable. I doubt they will act, but the more emails they get, the more apt they are to do something. If you need any information on her email addresses, let me know.

We do not want to resort to a closed membership to the site, but may have to consider that at some point. Most often someone reports spam to us and we can remove the person as soon as possible. We also check on memberships periodically to make sure we have no spammers on the site. I really don't want to make this site membership by approval only. So if everyone would just not respond to her and delete her messages, maybe we can keep this site open and win against her and others like her. Thanks for your patience.
The problem is that even if we DID do "membership by approval", there's no way of actually filtering out the spammers, as all they have to do is "behave" for a few days, get cleared, and then start spamming.

My suggestion is to not "friend" people you don't already know from their posts, etc., this limits the access that people you don't know have to you. And, certainly, keep you "BS Meter" on ... I'm amazed that ANYBODY even considers responding to this sort of crap!

- E.G.
I just received another email from yahoo telling me they can only block one email address at a time and that they have taken care of this person. Obviously this is not so, as she has signed up again overnight. They are refusing to do the work necessary to block her IP address from their site, so she continues to get new email addresses to harrass people with. If you have a message posted on your page, please copy and paste it and send it to abuse@yahoo.com If we continue to send them emails reporting abuse from this woman, they may be forced to act.

Otherwise, this site might have to become a closed membership, and I would really hate for that to happen. This site is open so people can come and learn about Wicca and other forms of Paganism. We keep the site open so they can learn without having to answer many questions and get approval to join. We feel if we started to require this type of membership, we could not reach as many people as we do now, and those people who are interested but maybe a little unsure how to do research would miss out on learning. Please don't let this spammer ruin out site!
I know it can be annoying, but if you see them just report them by clicking "report an issue" at the bottom of the page, so they can be removed. I am sure a simple message like:

Spammer! "Princess Desmond"



will work. If you can, help maryann out by sending a complaint to abuse@yahoo.com. I hope we don't have to go to a closed membership site... but if we do, oh well. It is one of the pains of the internet that you have to deal with. Just keep up the alert, and it is a good Idea I think just to not friend any "Desmonds" until the problem is fixed!

(By the way, I sincerely apologize to any legitimate 'Desmonds' that can't get any friends on here... if there happen to be any)...

Blessed Be!
reminder to set to receive messages from friends only and not anyone is a good idea on any forum. This is not an isolated thing to WSI... spammers are everywhere and the ones with a person behind them not just a computer program are even harder to control.
this one came to me today... it's my first...but thought you all might want the addy

My name is miss precious viewing and going through your profile address today
has made me to became intrested in you,i will also like to know you more,and i
want you to send an email to my email address so that i can send you my picture,
for you to know and see whom i am.
Here is my email address(precious4u_2010@yahoo.com) believe we can move from
I am waiting for your mail to my email address above.
(Remeber the distance or colour does not matter but love matters alot in life)




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